Tuesday, March 11, 2008



Alright! Jasmine's online to complete her Poly school fees but soon decides to update her blog first! xD Procrastinating!
Okay, crazy.

Well, I wanted to do a second entry yesterday but Blogger had some problems, restricting me to upload any pictures!!! ): Save all from reading my ever-so-boring entries.
Okay, irrelevant.

It's raining even more today! (: Because of the rain, I've decided not to watch "The Leap Years". Imagine going out in such a weather! =.= Staying at home's the perfect choice. It's so cooling when it rains. ^^
& because I'm so bored, I've randomly searched for cute pictures to post - I'm not using my computer but my dad's laptop, so I can't upload any pictures of my friends and I.

It looks a little fake to me eh. xD Especially the eyes. Look like some soft toy.

Wonder what they are thinking. HAHA! I like to stare blankly at something sometimes. Allows my mind to hibernate for a while. xD

ARG! Filling up the enrolment package is such a bother. Soohou's really funny yesterday! Couldn't stop laughing during the conversation. xD
P.S: Soohou, you better give me credits for explaining all the details to you with patience okay! HAHAHA.
The school fee's so expensive! -.- Imagine having to pay 1.122k a semester. Zzz My parents' hard earned money would be flowing away like water. ): I need a job to earn my own allowance!!

Anyone knows anyone who needs Maths tuition / Anyone has any event-driven jobs?! *Sigh. I'm still wondering whether I should get a laptop. It's convenient but I don't think it's very necessary for me eh. ): I'm so tired of making decisions.

DPA Student's PPP Program is coming to an end soon. (: HAPPY! However, school's officially going to start too! Mine's in 14th April. ):

Goodness! This is so random! (= Pardon for being so random today~

The kitten's really cute right!

LOL! I like the one in mid-air. xD SO CUTE!

Too bad I'm not those animal kindda person. )= Or I'll be crazy about these adorable animals.

Speaking of cute reminds me of a text message Gary sent me yesterday! Well Gary, you weren't crazy luh~ It's true that the person's cute! HAHAHA! But, you should have used adorable instead. xD

The weather's so weird today. Rain stops for a while and starts raining cats and dogs again. But the sound of it is so nice. xD

Primary and Secondary Schools Students are having their term break now. Aww~ I miss those holidays. xD My sister should be in school attending Orchestra Practice now. Miss those reluctant days dragging ourselves back to school for practice despite having holidays. HAHA!

Eh! I wondering whether should I join CO in NYP eh. LOL! The thing that made me wanna join is the fact that it's very established but the fact that I have to stick to it for the next 3 years... not so interesting. Well, I guess I have to start all over again to find the passion I once had.

I miss Jiaxuan all of a sudden. xD
I wanna have a haircut soon!
P.S: Jiaxuan, you said you wanted to try short hair after O's remember?! LOL!

Cuteeeeeeeeeeee! (:
We all love cakes, don't we. Hahaha!

Gosh! This is a very long post~ LOL! A very random one too. xD
Better end it here!

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