Monday, March 10, 2008


Sometimes, I really like it when it rains- It always trigger some thoughts in my mind; especially when I'm alone.
Well, this time I was thinking about Poly Life. It won't be anything interesting so, read it only when you're bored. xD

It's really very different from what we've been going through for 10 years or more. The things we do in Poly is ; Slack, Attend Lectures, Tutorials and any other Classes, Prepare for Projects and the main thing... do PRESENTATIONS! Can't think of anything else for now. Anyway, this is what I go through in NYP for DPA so, it may not be the same luh~

Today, we've had our Final Project's Presentation done. Honestly, I've learnt a lot from other's presentation and of course, the research my group has done. During my groups' presentation, there were this group of Secondary School Students.
When they walk past our class they made this loud comment :
"Wah. Can still chat in MSN during lessons one arh?!"
LOL! Yes, we all do that. That's Polys' life! xD

One thing I really have to point out. There was this very technical presentation before ours. One of the speakers was like... quite happy when we don't get what he was talking about. Zzz What's so cool about being so technical? The worse thing is, he actually reprimanded one of his team mates DURING the presentation in front of the WHOLE CLASS! I think he's a very arrogant Thinker. He was saying things like :
"Oh~ You edited it wrongly." & blahblah... "It's definitely not me, I won't commit such _____ mistake."
I rolled my eyes when I heard that. Tsktsk. Arrogant geek! I couldn't catch the word he said before mistake. Good thing our lecturer told him to go back to his presentation. LOL! Saved the other kid. xD

Initially, I thought my group flunked our presentation because the content wasn't as good as the rest. However, during the evaluation our lecturer gave, my group was the better one! HAHAH! He said it was because our presentation was much more engaging and confident. Wooooooooo~ (: Anyway, it's a good thing he commented on the very technical presentation. Lecturer directed the most comment about their group. LOL!

SHIT! My student's here. Totally forgot about tuition. Zzz

Buh bye!

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