Thursday, March 13, 2008


First thing first, I didn't skip school today okay! ):
In fact, I was all prepared for it...

Woke up early to settle my school fees because I didn't have to attend any class in the morning. Our initial plan was to get things done before I leave for my afternoon lecture, I brought my lecture notes and all lorh. However, halfway through the morning, I had a serious terrible headache. Mum said it was because of the lack of sleep but I feel that it's the rain I was 3/4 drenched in the day before. ): To add on to the headache, my left feet felt numb. =.= I'm not exaggerating-

Yesterday after class, me and Simin went to town to do some shopping and start off our project-resource gathering. We walked for almost 4 hours; blame it on my flat foot, my leg was really really tired. &&, it hurts with every step I took- halfway through the walking my knee started hurting. Zzz I hate it when these happens.

Addtionally, I FORGOT TO BRING MY UMBRELLA! Goodness me la. -.- Of all days, I forget my umbrella when I know it would rain. However, I braved through the whole journey - shared umbrella with Simin; until when we reached Heeren where I couldn't take the wet feeling- DAMN DISGUSTING. It was a bad decision too. I should have bought one alot earlier. In the end, got a $19.90 umbrella from Esprit. Zzz Why did Heeren close down the fifth floor for renovation?! I was like... SHIT! No minitoons to try luck. Zzz

Anyway, I like the RED LIGHT UMBRELLA I bought!! (:

Right... I'll update some pictures of our IRM lessons we had yesterday!
Buh bye!

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