Sunday, March 16, 2008

Great Day!

Have been walking a lot these days. Zzz Nothing much to type in this entry actually. xD I just wanna do an update. hahaha!

Ohh ohh! Just now, Carlo msn-ed me and asked me to read his blog. Really sorry eh Carlo, I wasn't sensitive enough. ): Alright, he wanted me to read a blog entry that's suppose to be related to a serious matter - About an increase in the number of teenagers getting pregnant and even getting abortion. Zzz
Cheer up Carlo. (: Like I said, you can try saving these people but you have to get yourself together first. ^^

Great family day out! ^^

Doing project tomorrow at Simin's place! ^^

heard that it's a true story that can't be told in Singapore. LOL!
So cool~ (:

"Everything in Singapore is increasing- standard of living, prices of almost everything, GST and etc but, why isn't pay increasing as fast as the others?!"

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