Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life's Unpredictable.

Good Evening!

I'm happyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
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Today's a typical Saturday well-spent with my family, outside. Went to the temple and did some shopping; bought a Kappa sling bag for school. Nah, buying it for school is just an excuse. :X

Anyway, mum received this horrible news from a friend when we were about to leave for home; one of my mum's colleague's (Let's name her "Miss") husband passed away. Just, this afternoon. You can simply ignore the middle content of this entry because the death of this man doesn't concern you. Actually, it doesn't concern me either.
However, this news gave me a serious shock. I may not know this man but, I felt sad.

It made me realise how fragile, unpredictable and short-lived(to some) life can be. You may think this is just part and parcel of life but, tolerate the following opinions I have.

The thing is, my mother told me just last week how they were joking and discussing about lucky Miss. They were talking about Miss's great husband; who takes charge of the household, does all the house chores and do almost everything that is needed for the family, the house. Even Miss herself made a comment saying something like how she won't be able to live without her husband, if one day he were to leave before her, because all she know is to dress up. I was also told that the two sons ever complained to their mother, Miss, about how she doesn't help out in the house and stuff.
Additionally, mother told me how fit, handsome, nice and young this man is was. & now, this man is gone. He fainted and passed away- just like that.

It's like really scary. How one can just leave the world because it's time for him/her to go. Despite being nice or everything good, when it is time the time to go, it's time to go. ):
I felt sad for the family because the whole family's dependent on this great man. The children are also quite young- but, they are not spared to go through the agony of losing someone they love and need.

This is one cruel world we're in.

I also had this crazy thought about how and what would happen if I were to leave this world suddenly. ):
Okay, really crazy thought.


Alright, here's something to enlighted the heavy hearted middle content in this entry.

Few years back, when I saw around Primary 2, my family lived in a private estate(shop house) in Lowland Road. It's around Kovan.
Serangoon Secondary School didn't have a very pretty reputation. Back then. In fact, the reputation was totally tarnished by some horrible students- they smoked in front of teachers and even scolded the teachers using vulgarities. & from what I heard from my parents, the teachers did nothing about these rebellion students.

Thus, my parents had this conversation and they both agreed that their girls should never ever be enrolled in that school. LOL! I finally understand why my mother was so against the idea of me wanting to get into that School. The thing is, both their daughters were enrolled to that school. As for me, I've completed my education! (: & my sister is still doing pretty well there.

This may not be funny to you but it sure is to us- my parents were slapped hard back in their face for judging the school base on some students. This also shows how we shouldn't be too confident in our future because anything can happen and nothing is impossible. (:

Anyway, it seems that both my parents have been very interested in doing flashbacks. They have been talking about how cute and silly I was when I was a baby. I'm not complimenting myself, alright! It's what my parents say. What more, it was when I was a baby. LOL! Not now. xD

Okay~ A little senseless and random entry again.

School's starting in two days time! Aww~ I feel kindda reluctant to face this fact but I guess all the misses I have can't do any change to reality. & life goes on.
It's true that this is not the first time I'm facing a new start; Not forgetting the time I've had trying to adapt to Secondary School system after Primary School. However, I guess it's because I'm not much more matured compared to when I was in Primary School. I didn't have as much memories as I have in Secondary School. All the things I've done and great people I've met.

Okay, okay! I know I seriously have to move on and get over this phase as soon as possible. JASMINE NEEDS TO MOVE ON!
Hahaha. But I seriously loathe to adapt changes AGAIN! LOL. Though I adapt to things really fast.


PS: I LOVE THE PEOPLE I'VE MET THROUGH DPA; CSJCCH (Clara, Simin, Jasmine, Christina, Carlo & Huanqing) ROCKS!!!

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