Friday, February 01, 2008


Today's the last day of my 'Orientation'.

Feel a little glad and a little upset at the same time. (; For the past 1 day and 2 halved days, we sure had lotsa fun.
Solving and completing every challenge that comes forward!
The best part is...
So unexpected. LOL!
Ya, my team name's French Fries. lol.

Alright, *chop chop, there's nothing to blog about actually. xD

I was about to say something actually.

Yesterday, there was this urge that made me really pissed. However, it doesn't matter ; I know where I stand now.
Celebrated Darius Birthday yesterday - gave him a surprise and I think he didn't expect what happened although he guessed something would happen. -.- Well, it's because the cake we bought came in very randomly : with AMK hub's New York New York crews singing and bringing the cake over - we ourselves didn't expect that too. xD

Well, I hoped he's really glad to have us as friends eh. hahaha!
Of course, I hoped he liked yesterday's mini celebration.

**Although it was a little last minute, I tried calling up some friends. Some answered but wasn't available for they have activities planned already but some didn't answer (somehow understandable) and some didn't even bother to return call even when I've called like... 4 hours before.
This ALWAYS happen and it made me feel really really really upset because it gave me an impression that I'm extremely insignificant to them. What more, I'm always being patronised with "Ohh! I forgot." be it for sms-es or calls. Why can't the closest be more attentive and a little more sincere in their concerns? Why is it that the closest would eventually take advantage of the relationship - thinking that it doesn't matter because it's such a minor situation? Don't people realise that even the tiniest thing, the tiniest concern, the tiniest attention may mean like a million to another?

The only thing that really matters to me is being bothered - being sincerely bothered. Sigh.

Alright, going out tomorrow for more and more shopping! hehe~

Oh, oh!! I just realise that there's 29th this Feburary! Weeeeeeeeeeeee~ (=

Bye... (=

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