Monday, February 04, 2008

Random. (=

Alright, a very random post with very very random thoughts and very very very random pictures. (=

Lunar New Year is in 3 days time, can't wait!!

NPCONCC's First Birthday is like in... 5 days time ; too bad we can't celebrate on the day itself ):

My first time travelling with my friends and family (hopefully it happens) in... 1 month and24 more days!

I saw this freaking news on how a maid abused a baby today; it's so scary how some employee of
yours can do such a cruel and rough thing to a little life.
The video's super disgusting, seeing how the maid actually tossed the little baby alittle in mid-air and shook it like nobody's business. Like... freaking crazy. =.=
I've made up my mind to do the same as the parents ; to have video cameras at home if i ever have a maid look after my baby. )X

I have always been thinking about it when I have the time. I'm really sad to always think about it but I think having it in my mind is inevitable. Maybe because it's something I really care about that's why it hurts and mattered so much.

I feel that this year's Lunar New Year would be different from other years. I have no idea why but I just feel that way. It's not because of O' Levels but maybe because I'm so free before CNY. Like... I'm so free. =.= Well, it's something good though.

Yeah, anyone has any event jobs to intro? (= Well, I wanna work and study at the same time so as to earn some allowance. My ideal job is like those that only need you during events. Although it seems that there's no longer any events coming, I hope there's job available. xD

It would be better if anyone knows anyone who needs Maths tuition. (: Best if the student is below 12. hehe! Well, I think teaching Maths is an easier job for me. xD
Had my first tuition with my sister's friend today, went pretty well - good thing I still remember how to do proportion. (=

Aww~ I think I screwed up one of those phone interviews with one of the parents. ): She didn't call back, screw me...

Great! I feel totally out today. Like this is such a crazy random post. Nothing I've typed has or can link with each other. =.= Crap ! I feel crappy too. ._.

I wanna watch "The Leap Years". Yeah, weird for me to yearn to watch a movie like that. I wonder why too! LOL. I wanna watch "The House" too!! ): Anyone wanna watch either one with me? ^^

I was also wondering whether I should let my thoughts known. However, after much much much considerations I've decided to keep them instead. LOL ! It's a real challenge to me because I'm always gapping whatever I have in mind be it for idle chats or whatever.

(= I miss those days. Studying, complaining about assignments, cursing some teachers behind their backs, attending meeting for last minute preparations, getting scolded for assignments, staying back for SRP and night study, trying not to get caught for skipping SRP and... so much more. ):

Crap ! -.-

Nights! (=

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