Saturday, February 09, 2008

Our first Birthday !!

YAY ! We've all come so far, it's out first BIRTHDAY !! ^^
**erhum, OUR meaning NPCONCC's Birthday.


I don't know why but I suddenly have the urge to do some recount.. haha!
Pardon me.

Today, my sister and I had a conversation regarding NPCONCC's birthday :
Sis > "Today (08.02.08) meh?"
Me > "Tomorrow lah"
Sis > "Why arh? Because that day your BBq right?"

Come to think about it, I don't really know why was it the 9th that's our Anniversary. LOL! I always thought it was before our BBq at Lance's Place. I guess we officially became part of NPCONCC on that day bah. (=

Ahhhhhh ~ That night when the guys forced ChiuLee to shout : "I don't know how to swim..."
There was once, I saw one of our short clips taken on that day from Cindy's blog - Although it has been a while, it's still funny to watch it again. xD

LOL ! The girls really had fun trying to make Samuel take a decent picture with them - but it was never easy.

Then there was the time when Gary and Weishan started to take candid shots of each other, trying to compete who has more ugly shots of each other. It may sound childish but it's really funny to see their reactions when they're being snapped by each other. LOL !

I still remember how they each try to delete their own pictures in the other's phone. & how Gary totally lost the ''game'' because Weixin help to delete each and every snapshot of Weishan while Weishan still possessed those really ugly picture of Gary. LOL !
**Gary can be really dumb and blur sometimes. xD

LOL ! And how Soohou and Lance were being the monkeys on that day (9th Feb 07'). Of course, Gary and Samuel became one of them as time passed.

Yeah, one of the snapshots. LOL !

It's also really fun and enjoyable to laugh until our tummy ache with every one of them. 13 of us to be exact. (=

See what I mean by monkeys. xD But then again, they are actually our jokers, not monkeys. xD

Other than having mass outings, which are getting lesser now )= we try to celebrate our Birthdays together. . . Alright, we try to la. But we don't get to celebrate each and every birthdays because of 'O's. Anyway, I think we might try to do them again in the years to come. ^^ Hopefully.


Although not eveyone was there, we still had fun.


A very memorable one. Really have to thank them for the effort put in to do the surprise and stuff. Actually, I cried a little - tears of joy! (=


After the makeover by Cindy and Chiulee.

She was really surprised with our surprised. haha!
She's the most naive fellow among al of us.


I think Cindy's birthday celebration is the only one that made a big hole in our pockets. The food were great though - Marche. (=


I was really shocked with his reaction when he say me because I lied to him about being absent that day. xD

If I'm not wrong, Gabbie stole the limelight that night. haha!


Alright, we celebrated his birthday most - among us - twice to be exact, once in 2006 and another in 2007.

Jolene & Weishan's.

The not so surprising surprise !

The best Birthday celebration : Credits to Cindy and Jasmine for organising it! LOL !

Well, we had our getaway before O's and celebrated their Birthday too. (=

Our latest mass outing was the Chalet before Christmas. Since it's a recent thing there won't be any further details because it would result in a much lenghty post which it already is.

This is NPCONCC and our juniors! (=

Here's the snapshots of our fun times that are usually not seen in our updates! (=

See how hard Weixin laughed.

LOL ! Classic picture.
Aww~ A little sad that we can't have a celebration on our Anniversary itself because GARY's away!!! Tsk, tsk!

I'll end of this post with one of Weishan's signature pose!

Ohh yeah, by the way :

SMOOTH (not literally though),

Okay, weird to say that but anyway ;
I would be updating again with my CNY's picture soon. xD Hopefully tomorrow, which is today. zzZ

Buh bye!

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