Monday, February 25, 2008


**This is going to be a random, stupid and ridiculous lenghty post. Don't read it if you're not interested.

I'm feeling freaking shitty today !

Well, everything started off last night or should I say this morning at 12 AM?!
I started to have this enormous pre-disappointment for like no apparent reason. Felt so knotted that I couldn't sleep but teared like an idiot. Zzz Try crying while trying even harder to act as if you're sleeping not crying. Like... what the hell ?! Couldn't coax myself to sleep so waited for tears to dry up and eyes to feel tired enough to shut tight for sleep. I needed a hug badly... like out of nowhere lah! =.= So CRAZY!

Woke up feeling sleepy and sick~ All thanks to the cheap consultation I willingly seek for - then I was rewarded with this freaky mild medicine in which didn't help me much in recovering. =.= Stupid throat~ Only thing I'm grateful is the fact that headaches are GONE !
Went to school anyway. Class was as usual ; B-O-R-I-N-G ~ Lunch was alright but didn't have much appettite all thanks to my good, rough and dry throat !
Wah lau - like damn irritating lah~

Continued the day like as if nothing happened and as if I wasn't feeling vexed by the fact that I haven't recovered. Reached home feeling exhausted from doing nothing much. -.- Shitty right?! Don't know what's up with me today. ): Wanted to make my EZ-link card but dropped the idea since I wasn't in the mood nor were I energetic enough to do it. Continued what I've stopped yesterday (a present) but my freaking thumb was feeling stingy from don't know what. & the most irritating thing is, it's the veins and I couldn't do anything about it but feel frustrated.

Decided to update my school's blog then my mother came over to talk to me.
DAMN ! I know I was paying attention but I wasn't looking at her. Made me feel like a total idiot who wasn't taught what the hell manners is. :@
I'm so crossed with myself~

But I heard what she said la. To make things worse, the content isn't pleasing.

Apparently, Dad somehow annouced or at least let known to people around him that he has gotten his pay. And, there are unfortunately some senseless, irresponsible, not understanding, not a wee bit pityful and very idioticly stupid people who will ask for a loan. & for some reason my father was soft hearted, at least some where down there, agreed to lending money to these despicables even though he knows the money will never EVER come back. This time, 1.0 k to a person who still owes him 750 bucks. My mother wasn't please because the money could have been part of their savings for my education. & I'm not unhappy because my fee for my education fee is 1k less but because my father actually reprimanded me only a few days ago - about how stupid and soft hearted I can be at times in which I tend to get taken advantage of. I'm also unhappy because my mother's not pleased with his action.

If I were him, I might borrow too but think about this situation at home. Although we're pretty much loaded - as in we get what we want, at least - We can have extras isn't it? I must remind myself never to be soft hearted again. ): I've been taken advantage like... for TWICE luh~ -.- SHIT ME!

Come on- I've thought about talking to my dad but we can't deny that SOME men have this ego inside them in which might result in some shoutings when they are being corrected or at least being talked about. If he were to read this, I bet that he'll get angry and scold me for pod-casting our family matters. I'm really sorry but I just need to say something about it. Zzz CRAP !

Anyway, before leaving for school, I read this ridiculous news article about spouses hiring "Honey Trappers" to test their partner regarding their faithful-ness. & I find it totally disgusting. -.-

How can two people, once & maybe still very loving, end up doing such low and despicable tricks behind each other's back?! So much for making vow infront of at least one witness during their wedding or at least some... some... wedding ceremony about their love for each other. -.-
Like... If you don't trust your spouse, there's no point going on with the relationship. Not that your spouse already have one - but you're the one who planned it all out to test your spouse. Of course, I'll shut up if you tell me you suspect your spouse and is trying to gather evidence for the already happening adultery. But not trying to create one. -.-

Life actually don't have so many coincidential incidents actually some are well planned - who knows? At least, the ''victim'' doesn't.

There are also some cases whereby - Women hire these "Honey Trappers" to somehow create a scene so as to have an excuse, that benefits them at the same time, when they file for divorce. Come on lah~ If there's nothing wrong with your marriage or your husband is still faithful to you but you don't love him anymore, you shouldn't do things like these so as to divorce your spouse right? -.- Maybe because I'm still too young to understand lah but it's still... ridiculous to me.

How people change and become really cruel.

I felt a tini-wini disgusted by the thought that - as time changes, most people gradually abuse / take advantage of many things. One of them, relationship with another. I'm not talking about things that are not happening okay. Like.. there are many living examples now okay. But I won't touch on that.

Although it's still a far thought for me, it seems to me that marriage is a very scary phase in life. Obviously there are still many very good and loving couples - living examples but we can't possibly neglect or not see the fact that there are as many disasterous marriage in the world. Like... Wow~ It's creepy. -.-

The best thing to the article : There are more women than men who dose this ridciulous thing. -.-

Shouldn't PI find evidence for those already happening adultery ? Why should they provide services to seduce and take them as evidence - like planning out a story and claiming that you have nothing to do with it pushing all blames to the victim. Like the theif is saying another's one. -.-
Without provding this service, no one would do this but without any customer with demands, there won't be these services.
Crazy lah!

Like super shitty. -.- Really don't understand what's going on...


**Told you it's pointless to read it.
I guess this is the longest entry filled with nothing but words - after so long. (:

I have been pretty much addicted to some Oldies. I don't regret buying the CDs from Yanling last year eh. VERY SOOTHING & NICE. (=

Okay. I'm going off away from this world for now. ):

Sorry for wasting your time, but I told you not to read it already. & it would be much appreciated if no comments about this entry were to surface. (:
I'm just not and will not be in the mood to entertain people who wanna comment on this post. I'll just delete it. :D
Thank you.

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