Thursday, February 28, 2008

Untitled. :D

Hehe. A good thing I get over things overnight. Lol.
Sorry to have made anyone worried or anything. (=

Okay, school has been much more enjoyable these days - but still, some lecture remains boring.
I'll only say that I love my Introduction to Retail & Marketing class ; Weee~ x3
The most enjoyable one!! YAY! (:

SHIT! I don't know what to update about. Zzz
Ohh yeah! On my way to school yesterday I saw one of the Campus Superstar Participant. Haha! Was pretty shocked to see the place he was heading to. Hmmm.

Hehe. I don't know what made me look for pictures. xD

After school, went over to Hougang Interchange to try getting my EZ-link card done.
ARH! Ugly card~~ ):
Great to meet HANIZA again!
Aww~ I miss her so much. Okay, it's been like... almost half a year since I last met her. ):

Joke of the day, yesterday, :
*Haniza on the line
Jasmine's POV : "Why is Haniza talking to a camera?!"

Haniza bought this really really cool and sleek(is this the right spelling?) LG camera phone lah! LOL ~ It's like... fully touch screen only with 3 buttons(call, end-call and backspace button). Pretty, pretty. (:

Afterwhich, she came over to my house, as usual, and we played mahjong. LOL! The two of us each took two roles. Hehe, I won! (: But, I wasn't able to finish the game because...
Lack of sleep, lack of sleep. ):


I wanna get a Fujitsu Life Book ! Weeeeeeeeeeeee~

Creepy - read this news article about Singapore doing a Man Hunt now. Scary. I think it's the first time and hopefully the last time this kindda thing would happen. Very scary to think about it, even.


Guess what, guess what?
A very stingy friend of mine gave me my Advanced Birthday Present! Wooooooooooooooooo!
Hahah! On my way home, saw Minghong and a girl walking home. I even hinted him about my coming birthday when we talked. HAHA!

When I reached home mum first reaction was :
"Eh. Minghong got girlfriend leh."

LOL! Minghong, she's really pretty leh. LOL!
Then, when I went to room. THERE! Although it's nothing big nor expensive (okay la, expensive to you la, Minghong) but it was indeed a surprise to see the HP Pouch on my table! (:

I didn't know how he knew I like Tasmania though. xD

Heh! Although I don't really like PINK and the fact that having it makes me feel a little... Girly,
he claims that I'm a girl so he'll be the one giving pink stuffs. Zzz

LOL! Okay la. Although I was about to get the black one, it was still good to get a pink one for free! LOL.
I promise I won't lose it this time. xD
Thanks, MINGHONG! (:

Second Tasmania birthday present!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Eh. Come to think of it, I don't know why I like it anyway.

Ohh ohh!
Joke for today :
Jasmine totally forgot about her coming birthday until Gary reminded her about it. -.-

Wooooooooooooooooooooo! LOL!

Okay. Crazy.
School tomorrow again. Ahhhh!
I don't like tutorial - Especially when I am grouped with a bunch of smart smart geeks. ): Not that it's not good but somethings, some people are too irritating to be too smart. ):

Okay lah. I'm really losing it. Don't know what to blog about it.
Weeeeeeee! I love to watch "Revolving Doors of Vengeances".

Ohh ya. Today, we were taught about EQ and social relations.
I feel that next time I really should stick to those values and morale.
Like how I always tend to be impulsive, especially with my language when I get heated by someone. I really have to think twice before I do something.

Aww~ I said something mean to my mother just now. ): I was really angry la. -.- So unfair - MOTHERS & YOUNGER SIBILINGS~ LOL!
SORRY MUM! hehe.
**she read my blog yesterday. xD

But I think it's just typical beings to do things they usually would regret when they are stuck in a situation that sort of forces them to react immediately. Like when you're really really really really angry or when your patience is being put to the test.. or.. or.. aiyah. alot lah!

Just that, I feel it's typical for beings to be like that. However, as long as we are willing to face the thing aftermath, solve it with faith and courage, look into it or improve for the better the next time, MISTAKES ARE INEVITABLE!

I will practice being genuine to everyone & myself from now onwards. (: <3
I'm kind, I'm kind, I'm KIND!! xD


Oops, long post! LOL.

I need a temporary job! ):


**Aye! I miss you leh, how? LOL! I must be insane to miss you. haha!
If I really miss you... That means... LOL! SHIT! xD

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