Friday, February 29, 2008

Smart Geeks ! Eeeeek~

It makes me feel weird if I were to update my other blog without updating this one. LOL!
Alright - School has been fine today.

As my title has suggested : Today's topic is about SMART GEEKS ! (x
Sorry to offend anyone though. I just feel what I feel & write what I felt.

Remind me not to group with Smart Geeks next time I do my OFFICIAL ICA (In-Class Activity) or any projects for that matter. I just can't stand being with them luh~ Not that I'm jealous about these Smart asses.

But because they tend to do everything on their own. Zzz
One of our course mate teased my team mate :
"Not bad leh. You got two person who bao ga liao (means to cover everything) one- don't need to do anything, good hor."

But of course, that particular team mate tries to get involved but usually is the one being ignored.
I'm the harder person to be pushed away I guess - because I tend to stand infront of them, see what they are doing, post questions and voice out. (:

Aiyah. My other team mate can't be bothered. xD
I also realise my tone is not so nice when I talk to one of them. Zzz Unfortunately, he's the one I loathe. Let's call him Mr. A~ LOL!

Can't blame me. He gets on my nerves by pretending to not know that I'm talking. =.=
Good that there's this other person who stands up for me and say : "I think she's talking."
HAH! Today, he was corrected by me straight in his face infront of the other two members. GREAT! I should have captured his reaction! LOL.

This Mr. A tends to not and I mean NOT answer questions. Zzz
He likes to give in irrelevant details. -.- Not that it's not good luh. But imagine having to do research, present answers on power point slides for presentation in like... 45 minutes?! =.=
Not enough time lorh. Goodness!

During presentation, our group is ALWAYS the one receving most response, mostly bad ones, from the class. -.- I felt like a clown when I was with them. Zzz
A good thing the class's noise level lowered down when I talked. LOL! I felt so... heard. xD

But because there team elaboration, I better don't do anything silly. (: I'm graded one OK! LOL.
I better get more involved in the team and best - get to reveal all the possible mistake Mr. A commits!!


The two of them, Mr. A & the other one, almost went into war too! hahaha. Because Mr. A thinks he is smarter than the other, he tend to reprimand the other for a TINY mistake. Well, he better watch his own butt and don't climb over my head~
Uh; you know what I mean about climbing heads. [x

Okay. long post huh?! LOL.
To Mr. A he would say it's a short one. LOL!

Joke for the day:
Mr. A persented and ended off with "I've made my conclusion into one short paragragh."
When the paragraph appeared people were like...
"WHAT?! This is called short?!"

The paragraph is 1/3 of this entry's length. (:

I saw my friends & team mates reaction. LOL!


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