Thursday, February 21, 2008


Mum - "Min arh. Happy Birthday" **chinese bday
Me (head throbbing) - "Mm."
Mum - "This one from Ah Ma, this one from me and this one from papa"
Me (head still spinning) - "Orh. Thank you mummy."

Went back to bed, woke up few minutes later checked temperature after not being ablt to tolerate the pain I'm feeling and... FEVER ! )=

Alright, I'm sick - slight fever, didn't attend school today. GAH !
I feel terrible. )=
I HATE eating Medicine and I DETEST consulting doctors..

Wondering why I'm online then? Hmmm. Well, I'm doing 2/3 of my ENW assignment - blog about school @ while I'm sucking this... I don't know what it's called ; to relieve my terrible sore throat.
I going to bed soon, because I just had my first meal for the day, I can't possibly go to bed right after. Zzz

Okay. I think I'll only love attending the module "Introduction to Retail and Marketing" and, I'm feeling a wee bit regretted for not choosing Diploma in Business Marketing. )= AHH ! The lecturer's super NICE and the lesson is super INTERESTING ! **I'm not being sarcastic, for your info.

Anyway, I can't believe how some guys actually prefer girls making all the first moves luh~ -.-
Carlo, stop complaining! (:
Class was HYPER yesterday. To learn more, go to my all about school's blog. xD
& I love that lecturer!! (=

Hey! I know I don't seem sick but being sick and seems to be sick is totally different thing can?! (=

Well, I regretted watching movie with Gary and co. yesterday. It's not the companion that makes me regret luh !

It's that... I totally forgot about the appointment I had with my family ; a brought forward Chinese Birthday Celebration Dinner. It should be today - so good to be sick on my Chinese BDay ): - but my mother's eating vegetables only (some religion thingy luh!), so she changed it to yesterday. )= What more, I wasn't feeling very well nor energetic - maybe that's why my headache got worse. -.- So, I sort of regretted lah. The movie was not bad though – will do a review soon. (=
To add on to the sickness, I slept around 1 plus trying to rush an assignment I totally forgot to do. -.-

& I guess, it's the differed temperature I've been experiencing since I started school ;
cold, hot, freaking cold and damn hot. Can you imagine sitting in labs, lecture rooms and classrooms with air-con that's freaking cold and being exposed to the sun straight after? -.- Who won't get sick?! ):

Alright- enough gabbing. (: I ought to get some more sleep to feel better. ^^

HAPPY 18th Chinese Birthday, JASMINE ! (*
Aww~ Chinese New Year's over...

*headache, headache, headache - CRAP !

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