Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HAPPY 2008!


May everyone of us succeed in achieving our new resolutions for the new year, 2008~

My resolutions? ^^
Pretty simple (according to piorities):
1.) Everyone to be happy and healthy.
2.) My family stays as bonded as we already are! hehehe.
3.) Stay in tight contact with all my close friends.
4.) To be a better Jasmine.
5.) Survive Poly and excel in everything I start in my new phase of life.
*heard that I might struggle while adapting to the new extreme change.
6.) Get 3 CCAs in Poly. *)
7.) Get a part time job while studying (preferably retail sales - better if it's DFS. haha)!
That's all for now, I think. xD I don't wanna be too greedy! hehe.
Hmm. Come to think of it, the first one is a little... uncontrollable eh. Ohh well. May the world be filled with more happiness than grief and. . . sadness! (:
Great! I almost forgot. To those who’s going to attend school tomorrow, do your best and excel in whatever you do in school eh. Believing in yourself may result in a promising success (of course, you have to work hard la.) hehe!

Alright! That’s all for today – the first post for 2008 must not be naggy! Hahaha.
Will update again soon; hopefully tomorrow – with pictures taken few days ago and a little summary for the recent events! Hehe. Do stay tune eh. xD

**Thanks to those who has wished me. Sorry for not replying too. xD

Buh bye!

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