Thursday, December 27, 2007

Great Christmas!

Alright! It has been a long week, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ (:

This year, my Christmas has been G-R-E-A-T!! ^^ For the first time, I've celebrated this holiday season with so many groups of people! haha.

Anyway, i'll do a summary later - regarding the Chalet, 2Ec and 4eB gathering. (:
Today has been a great yet sleepy day. haha. I so like the new receptionist luh! xD She's so much better than the previous one. haha. At least she put in effort to do the work. It's really insipring to see one work for their family. haha.

After working, I yearn for an early rest yet was asked to meet up with my mother. I was then treated to dinner before being tricked to have a haircut. haha. One thing good; no more hesitation! I don't have to keep thinking whether to have a new haircut and a new hairstyle.
Now, I urge for a week to pass fast! My hair needs to grow!!! hahaha. I guess, I can't avoid having a ''layer-ed'' hair. xD After almost halfa year of getting rid of layering, it's back within half and hour. -.-
Well, the hair stylist was pretty skilled and... cool. haha! But I guess I'm not suitable for the new style. xD Raw cut, raw cut - I assume.
Pictures next time. xD

Before I start being naggy again, here's the summary. xD

NPCONCC's CHALET (23.12.2007)

It was really nice to gather with them after so long. xD

Thanks to Soohou, his mother and those who has helped for going through the trouble - booking the chalet and preparing for the event.

Although I didn't help much this time, I did most of the BBQ-ing! hahaha. xD

Because we had raw Otah, I wasn't confident with the first batch of cooked otah. So...

Here's Soohou, the tester! (x

Pictures, pictures - pictures! (:

LOL. I was really curious with what they were looking at eh. xD

2EC's Gathering (25.12.2007)

I really miss everyone of them eh (except for Yanling and Jiaxuan, haha!). Despite having some hiccups during the outing, it was still very very nice and relaxing to meet up with them. It's been a while eh. Aww~ How I miss those days in Sec2. haha. So carefree! Now, we're either awaiting for the last lap (Sec5) or the new phase. )=

Thanks Bing Cheng for organising this trip! (: And, Thanks Jasmine for helping. haha.
I'm anticipating for the next meet up by Weibin. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (=

Pictures, pictures - PICTURES!! (:(:

Guess what? haha! We lost out way in Singapore!! *faint!
We wanted to go Clarke Quay from Marina Square. So, we took a bus but missed a stop and...
"Eh? Die... Where are we?!" LOL!
We walked all the way from some part of Chinatown to Raffles Place. (:
Although it was a long walk, it was nice! haha.

Above 2 pictures are taken outside the big bank, OCBC! (:

I like this tree luh! It's pretty in RED! haha.

The lady in pink is Bingcheng's girl. (:

Edmond look damn kuku! haha.

LOL! If I don't tell you what they're trying to do, you might think they're nuts eh. xD
Well, we asked them to make faces that represents the emotions of being...
Angry (not so good), Sad, Happy, Very Happy and Cool.. haha.

Damn! Accidentally deleted one candid picture. ): lol.

LOL! Damn stupid la!

Despite some frustration, I've brought bag a big bag of presents, good memories and a pair of darn dirty black-ed legs. haha.
The thing is, I walked home bare-footed! *)

Gifts, gifts -GIFTS from 2EC~

From Jiaxuan's guy, Ricky...

From Yanling's first pay.

YIPEEE! I love this pop-out cup eh. Sob. Didn't bear to bring it to office. haha.
Thanks JiaXuan!! (:

A little not practical but still thoughtful. xD
Thanks JinHui. Sorry that I didn't get an individual gift for you. xD

As for the exchange gift... Well, I expected something stupid when everyone was laughing but knowing the truth was... -.-

The gift..


More Pictures! (:

Damn! Weibin was damn gentle when playing Pool luh! He's my lucky star! haha. I thought whomever tagged with me will sure lose but with him, I won TWICE! hahaha. He was good lah! xD

LOL! Edmond the monkey again. xD

Human Christmas Tree. xD Forgot who came up with this idea.

4EB's Gathering

Alright, there's only two pictures we've took during the 4EB's gathering. We didn't have enough time eh. ): What more, the meal made a big big big big MAJOR hole in out pockets. xD

I'll upload the two pictures some other time.. My eyes are really dry and I... need some good rest! (:

Although I'm two days late...



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