Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Post.

For Yanling :

Pictures taken on the day we went out with the EC mates. (:


Picture taken on the day we've had dinner with Mdm Ong. Weeeeeeeeeeee!

*Erhumm. This is the nicest picture among three that was taken.

Alright, the truth : I miss Jiejie Yani. Yes, I really do but come to think of it - she has left us with a very stupid claim which made me sort of... -_-
My mother says it's because she's jealous about how we treat her (the new housekeeper). It's ridiculous if she's really jealous because, we treat them the same.

Before she left, I was stuck between believing what she said or not to.

What do you say? LOL!
Anyway, she really lives up to being a Cancerian eh. haha!

This place is LOVELY!
Sorry for the model eh. LOL! I wasn't sure if I was allowed to take a picture of the status and since Jiejie Yani wanted a memo... (:

Here is Yanling's crazy idea of taking a picture of the score board. Because we were the only girls playing, she was amused by the board because the boys playing had names starting with 'B's. LOL! Funny, silly girl.

Alright, guess what I'm suppose to do once a month. Or at least, I was suppose to before I resign.


Every start of the month, we would be given a whole lot of "Statement of Accounts".
Then, we'll tear, fold, slot inside the envelope, paste stamp and send them out.
It sounds easy eh? Yeah, actually it is! However, imagine doing it for like near a hundred times or maybe even more! -.-

Well, we can finish more than just one box of envelopes.

The first time when I did it, I took 5 long days! Including the fact that my colleagues actually came out to help me clear up my usual routines for the job. Imagine it~ Gosh! It was a nightmare! I almost broke down. Well, It's not because of the workload but the pressure that presses me down because I'm slowing down my colleagues's working speed!

(: This is like... only 3/4 of them.

Enough about work, talking about colleagues ; We've went out yesterday! Weeeeeeee~
Went to Parkway Parade for a little shopping. Haha! We were crazy! LOL!

Had the nicest "Mee Siam" and I'm very glad that I didn't catch them accidentally sticking their thumbs into our food - like I did a few years back. xD Eww~ The thought of it.... GROSS!
I was persuaded to wear skirt yesterday. -.- The thing is, after starting to work, I stopped liking to wear skirts. Yeah.

This reminds me of the adult fare that we're suppose to be paying now. zzZ Sian.
The worse part is, I'm so not used to doing the tap in and tap out procedure!! -.-
I actually forgot to tap out yesterday when I alight, a good thing my colleague reminded me when I was on the last step of the alighting point. -.- Damn embarrassing because I was the last one to alight. -.- *paiseh!

Anyway, I bought another Tee again! hahaha!

The only photo we took. (:

Amela, the Mummy!! LOL.

The other two were camera shy! lol.

In your opinion, what's the scariest moment of a relationship?
To me, it's the moment you loses trust of someone or... the moment your trust is being betrayed.

It's really sickening when you have doubts about the tiniest thing someone proclaim. Especially when you can't control it.

What's the scariest moment of a man?
LOL! I think it's the moment of being and feeling alone. Isn't it? (:
I still can't get how the world works! -.-

I've received my PPP (Pre-Poly Preparation) Course's schedule. The 6 Modules seem... very Poly. LOL! I've also received some letter from NYP. Guess how much is my tuition fees for this PPP Course?

I like that Polo!! (:

The colour's great! hehehe!

Alright, it's $150! )=
I'm getting my Student Card too! YAY! But, I'm only going to surrender a nice photo! hahaha.
How do you trust someone who likes patronising with you? Hmmm. A new challenge. haha!

Weird, I feel weird. There's this crying feeling that's coming and going continuously today. -.-

Weeeeeeeeeeee! Chinese New Year is coming up! NEW things coming up too! (:
This year, my sister and I are doing the decorations without our parents' help ; finally!! LOL. Also, I'm going to paint my room, the living room and my study room soon! *erhumm. I think I'm doing it myself - So, anyone interested to lend me a painting hand? LOL!
I miss my godparents! Damn~ My handwriting on the New Year card for them are atrocious!
Stupid statement!

Oops! My bad, this is a long post - long post. xD

Buh bye! (:

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