Monday, August 01, 2016

Adult Barbeque!

Yesterday's BBQ gang! :D

A great way to end our week - worthy catch up with ex-colleagues over some delicious barbeque~ So glad the wet weather didn't damp our mood! ^^

Funny title I have, isn't it? I just think barbeque-ing as an adult feels and tastes really different!! It has been a really long time since my last barbeque.... Because it requires quite a bit of effort, with friends from school, we slowly grew lazier. LOL. I am so so glad Shruti led on the preparation for last night. HEHE.

To me, adult barbeque also means way better food! All we used to have were hotdogs, chicken wings, crabsticks, mushroom & cheese......... The more cheap food. But as we grow up with better spending power, we get sausages(franks), chicken thighs and maybe someday.. steak! There was once, we had crayfish courtesy to our friends' father. So good. Not that crabsticks and mushroom & cheese aren't good - I still suggested that for last night. HEH. But the quality of meat is definitely more atas now.

Our dinner ended with a Blueberry Cheesecake courtesy of Herly!!

Shruti got me this top and I instantly changed into it. HEHE.
Super glad it fits!

So many of us here, and only 2 more left in Maybank. :P
I'm glad the friendship remained!

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