Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Fishes For My Birthday!

Part 4 : S.E.A. Aquarium

The title I came up with for this entry sounds so off.
ps: Ain't gonna change the title because I'm lame like that!

Hmmm. No, wait.

Why am I so lame today!?

I love jellyfishes.. It can be therapeutic just staring at them plop around the area. And so many of them makes it a really nice sight! I always end up stuck at the jellyfish area the longest. Other fishes just come off a little more boring than jellyfishes! I mean, they look pretty and all, but they are not special. They are not special like these amazing jellyfishes. You can't even see their brains! They are just these flimsy jelly creatures.

ps: Just to be sure, I googled. JELLYFISHES HAVE NO BRAINS!! Duh. They only have nerves. THE NERVES!!!

Me today, lame. Lame lame.


Today's a nice day with Haniza. HEHE. I didn't know what to do for birthday (again), but we thought it was a great idea to be a tourists on our birthdays! We are checking out the trickeye museum for Haniza's birthday next! :D Also contributing to our economy by spending on our own attractions. Feels good doing something good. HAHA.

Really, why I am so lame today?!

Didn't take many pictures today as we explored the aquarium.
So it's just these few.

Haniza hasn't been to the aquarium here before, but this is my........ third time already? No point linking my past entries since THE PHOTOS ARE GONE ANYWAY!!! But yeah.

First time with BI0802 friends.
Second time for NPCONCC's 6th Anniversary.
Still worth to note.
I should have a label for the aquarium!

After the really relaxing afternoon being a tourist, we settled down at 'The Wine Company' X along Sentosa Boardwalk. Can always trust Haniza to bring me around the atas places we have here.
(Mostly for wine/alcohol hahahahha)

The food we had!
Not that great a picture though. So yes, we had pizza, fries and a pasta!

The meal was nice with a very accompanying view. We were seated outside, but it wasn't very warm - Coming from me who is burning, it was indeed not warm at all.


Anyway, It was a very calming view, watching people pass, doing their thing, and watching the sun slowly set into the horizon across. There was even a dance class going on along the boardwalk! Surprisingly entertaining.

Another dish we had : Teo Chew Porridge with frogmeat!

ps: What the heck, this shot look so much nicer than actual wine-accompanying food. Lol. Haniza and her new phone!

It was after a certain time that Haniza ordered this bowl of Teo Chew porridge. IT IS SUCH A WEIRD COMBINATION WITH WINE!! LOL. But it was surprisingly good! Very very tasty. Hahahah. But I'm not a big fan of porridge, so Haniza had it. They also have other local delicacies and I bet it would be of standard; judging from how they made a plain bowl of porridge flavourful enough.

We also shared bottles of wine.

Yes, bottles. Not just glasses. I believe we finished 3 bottles.
Or maybe 2. A white and a red.
I was so high by the time we ended the night.

Okay fine.
It was a moderate high. Not so high. 🙄

I still can't appreciate the taste of wine. But I drink them anyway. It's less taxing on the tummy, at least. And you don't pee as much as when you drink beer. Which is good.

And that was how I spent the day after my birthday:
With a good friend, watching fishes, eating good food, drinking good (I think) wine and feeling the itch from my sunburn. LOL.

What did I say?
These are so short, it's so cute!
&No, this is not a shot upsize down, these jellyfishes were swimming like that!

Check out how red I am today!
It is starting to itch now.. Not a good sign.

&Now, I rest my head.

Goodnight! Work tomorrow. Boohoo.

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