Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happypills Celebrate CNY, Anniversary & Sam's Birthday!

One evening, so many celebrations!! 🎉

The clique turned 9 few days ago, but it was the second day of the Lunar New Year so we celebrated it today instead! heh. 💓 To be honest, I think I miscalculated......... The first year we got together was in 2008 (that BBQ at Lance's place) so it should be the 8th anniversary this year, but based on my previous entries, it's the 9th already......... HMM. :/

Anyway! Samuel's birthday is also in........ 4 days (taking that I'm blogging on the 13th morning already) so we just combined them all~ Lunar New Year, our anniversary and his birthday! 🍊🥂🎂 And what better way to celebrate this than to have a steamboat together?

A simple dish for that signifies 'reunion'. As we all embark on our careers, we have slightly less time for each other than we used to... It's sad, but not really. Sad for obvious reasons, but not really because.... Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Lol. What nonsense.


So, we were supposed to meet earlier to buy the ingredients for steamboat and.... prepare dinner together.

But look who turn up early among the 8 of us!

Just us 3. Lol.

There were already things prepared at home, so the 3 of us did some quick shopping before heading back to my place for the rest of the preparation. It's been a while since everyone gathered in the "headquarters" a.k.a my place. Hahaha.

It's just the 8 of us this time because Chiulee and Lance couldn't make it, like duh~ Had tonnes of fun nonetheless ^^

Sugar look so unwilling here.......... LOL.
This hairdo is not working for you, Sugar!


After everyone chipped in to do a little bit here there. Mum marinated the meat and prepared the sauces! ^^ I am forever blessed to have a good cook who loves to cook as my mama.

But as always, too much food is prepared for a steamboat dinner..... LOL. We should learn how to section our dishes. Take out just half portions and open up more when we do not have enough. Then again...... They joy of having steamboat during the Lunar New Year kind of signifies having abundance of food on the table? I'm just guessing. LOL.

Pictures of food also wanna squeeze in my face!


Just look at Samuel's sian face here. LOL.
We definitely started eating after this shot. Lol.

Preparation and cleaning up takes so much longer than actually eating the food.

&After dinner, we took a 'family' portrait! Sugar included!

Just when she looks at the camera and somewhat happily, the other humans weren't looking at the camera. -.-

Surprise, surprise!
His Birthday Strudel!

One birthday, plenty of wishes together! Hehe.

Right after taking pictures and blowing off the candle, no one else was interested already. Lol.

It's difficult to decide what to do after dinner these days..... People say Singapore is boring.. To me, yes and no. Most of us just don't find the available activities appealing or interesting enough. Not just at night. I mean in general.

Like what activities, you ask?

There are movies to watch, places like pubs and parks to drink and chill, museums to explore, kites to fly, bikes to ride along a coast, natural places to hike........... Why am I digressing?  But really, what else do you do overseas that is not possible here?

The best kind of activity though, is the one done with friends.
For me... So anything counts! As long as I have good people with me.

Check out the crazy huge cards we were playing with!
Played 'Indian Poker' and 'Up & Down'. Gambling is what makes this festive the Lunar New Year! Lol. At least for most people luh.

Karena edited some clips we shot last night~ HAHAHA. Enjoy!
Posted many days later, and this is one of the benefits(?) or blogging backlogs. LOL.

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Great shot~ Such a huge reaction I was giving.
Obviously cannot remember why already. LOL.

And check out the table! Look who's been lucky and winning all our money!

Us watching 2013's Christmas celebration. Oh man... That crazy celebration. Hahah.

Since the blog entry is killed with no more images to see, here's the video we made of that night!

&... I'm done~


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