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3 Parts of Christmas with Clique!

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Another Christmas with my favourite friends!
Almost full strength this year, but Jolene got called up during her standby just an hour before we start.


It's awful!! :(
But I guess, we'll just have to live with it, having 2 stewardess in the clique.
(Hey, that kindda rhymed lol)


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Last night was insane!!!
Would say it's one of the craziest so far because we had it in THREE PARTS!!! Lol.

Well, not exactly. :X
We changed 3 locations in one night, just to celebrate this joyous festive. hehe.

We first had dinner at Potato Head Folk, then proceeded to Mischief for gift exchange (&take our votes) before settling at some random area in Esplanade to count the votes and give out the awards.....


Awards for within the clique, like..... who's the most photogenic, who's the best member of NPCONCC and so on..

I've suggested this one time, but we never got down to doing it because... it would require quite a bit of effort? Growing up makes people lazy, you see. Lol.

Then this year, Gary pretty much did everything in one sitting. LOL. Like.. within a few hours? But we had a few (like 2) rounds of discussion on the awards to give out.

Here was what we settled with~
 photo Capture2.png
It's all in Chinese because he made a pun with Star Awards.

The Chinese title of Star Awards literally means 'Red Star' Big Awards with means 'Popular Star'. Gary changed the first word of this title and made it literally 'Meteor Star' Big Awards and it does not even have any actual meaning. LOL. Just for the fun of it.

It goes with 'Best XXX award'. So going from the top row, left to right we have.......
Good Person ➸ Scheming Person ➸ Show Off ➸ Blue Banana (I seriously still have no idea what's with this lol) ➸ Social Media
Best Member ➸ Fake ➸ Humble ➸ Bestfriend ➸ Photogenic

That image above was our voting paper. Printed it, cut them out and folded them for the voting to be written within.

Gary also designed the awards - He damn effort! Give him an A+!!!!

 photo P1410168.jpg
Here's the early helpers cutting and pasting the awards on a hardboard so it'll stand.
(Fast forward 2017, I cannot remember where I kept the awards and if they are still stand-able. :X)

I realize Gary's not cutting the items for tonight, but my sister's work though? LOL.

 photo P1410171.jpg
Tadaaaah!!! The awards for the night!

After printing the professionally designed awards, we laminated them and pasted them on a harder board before making a small stand so the award could stand on its own. Looks pretty impressive, isn't it?

Super cute calefare at the back too. The Kaypo Sugar. Lol.

 photo P1410172.jpg
These 2 are the gold awards for the night!

Apart from getting these hand-made awards, we also got everyone to chip in a little bit to prepare some award vouchers! Man.... I can't remember how much we each chipped in. :(( But the 2 gold ones were prized the most.

And... I think I got both? LOL. I remember I got $80. So these gold ones should be $40 each and the rest were at $20 each?

That makes.... $160 in total? With 10 of us in the clique, I guess each of us chipped in about $20? But that doesn't match up to 160 so I think some awards were higher priced while some funny awards (like the blue banana) were just $10. Yeah~ I think so. LOL. Or maybe those awards that don't really make sense were given without the prize?

I'm totally type-thinking right now. hahaha.

 photo P1410188.jpg
So, first stop!

 photo P1410175.jpg


 photo P1410176.jpg

Jolene chose this place. She chose is, but couldn't make it. Meh.

I really liked the interior. Could come off slightly messy, but it was rather dimed so it wasn't that bad for me. Some people would say it's Art. I don't know much about Art, but I really did like the interior. The colors were a bold combination; not an everyday wear.

It would have been really nice if the food was good and we just stayed at this artsy place to finish up the entire night. Then again, I'm glad we didn't and got to make it an even crazier night with the travelling around!

 photo P1410177.jpg

As for food, the clique wasn't that excited about them. Not that great a variety, and it was kindda pricey for ala carte burger. Can probably explain that they use quality ingredients, but meh. They were okay.

 photo P1410178.jpg
Burger burger burger.
The stickers are so cute though!

That's pretty much what we had. Just burgers. Don't remember we shared sides. We each had a drink too.
Food came and we silently finished them before some pictures!

 photo P1410181.jpg
Such a cozy corner!
So glad the evening was still quite early and there weren't many people around when we cam-whored. hehe.

 photo P1410182.jpg

 photo P1410183.jpg
I think our green-red-white theme last night was perfect with the backdrop too!

 photo P1410185.jpg
Some of us shifting places while I sneakily click on the shutter. :X

 photo P1410187.jpg

After a few shots, we went up to the rooftop bar to check out the space.

 photo P1410190.jpg

It was okay~ Maybe because of the location(?), it wasn't as impressive as it looked in pictures.

 photo P1410193.jpg
Here's the red team. :D


 photo P1410211.jpg


For our gift exchange!

I've always wanted to check out this place after knowing it was opened by Michelle Chong and 2 other celebrities. Mostly because Michelle Chong promoted it quite a bit. Lol. I got curious~ &We finally did visit it! Also ordered some of their chicken wings and had just a few bottles of drinks. They were pretty good.

 photo P1410195.jpg
Tadaaaaah!! Our awards all lined up.
Really does look quite impressive, right???
Displayed them thinking we could give out the awards here too, but it wasn't that suitable.

Because it was an open space, the noise made by all the customers were slightly too noisy for an 'award ceremony'. Really too freaking noisy. hahaha.

 photo P1410199.jpg
We managed to give out all the gifts though! ^^

It was secret santa this year so each of us had a 'child'.

 photo P1410201.jpg

 photo P1410207.jpg
So happy we brought the 'NPCONCC' banner.
I have no idea where it is now though. Hahaha.

 photo P1410213.jpg
Started off with Jolene's gift to Weishan!
That's Jolene in her uniform, facetiming with us! How can we start or do it without even a slight appearance from her, right?

Caught her on her way to work! ♥

 photo P1410217.jpg
A new cape for our super Shan~

 photo P1410219.jpg
Passing the baton, she got Chiulee some gifts!

 photo P1410222.jpg
A yoga mat!

 photo P1410224.jpg
And then she opened her gift to pass.........

 photo P1410227.jpg  photo P1410231.jpg
Samuel a Hello Kitty on a Uniforn.

This year, we also wrote down wishlist! Chiulee wanted a yoga mat and Samuel wanted a unicorn with a jetpack. He just didn't ask for a cat though....................... Lol. But seriously, what kind of a wishlist is that!!!

 photo P1410232.jpg

Samuel got Gary a boy thing.

 photo P1410234.jpg
PS4 game~ boring
 photo P1410235.jpg  photo P1410238.jpg
And Gary got Soohou a whole bunch of things. Lol.
4 luxury brand boxes that he wanted back, with one filled with insects -.-

 photo P1410239.jpg  photo P1410240.jpg
One with pints of glasses and the real gift, a Porter coin pouch.

Moving on~~~ I guess Soohou picked Jolene, because there was no continuation from him. Lol.

 photo P1410241.jpg
Kesslyn got Lance a......................

something really fitted for him..

I think he'd wished for it too. Lol.

 photo P1410243.jpg

He was playing with it all night after that. Tsk.

 photo P1410246.jpg  photo P1410249.jpg
And Lance got Karena a simple gift!

 photo P1410250.jpg
So happy!
I got a landyard!!!

 photo P1410251.jpg

 photo P1410255.jpg  photo IMG-20151225-WA0007.jpg
Luxury brand one some more! heheh..

I requested for it because I needed one, but I had to have it at a cerain length because.... some girls have front burdens -.-

But the one she got was just nice! HEHE.

Funny thing is..... Few days later, another friend rang me up and came by my office to pass me a gift.....
ANOTHER LANDYARD FROM THE SAME BRAND!! What are the odds, I was so touched!!!

So yeah, now I'm using both. :D Like alternate weeks. hehe.

 photo P1410258.jpg
I picked Kesslyn and here's only part 1 of the gift because part 2 was already delivered to her place earlier that afternoon.

She doesn't know yet though. Got her mother to hide it first. hehe.

 photo P1410263.jpg
Here's a cool tumbler and body lotion + spray! I got her a 8kg kettlebell as she had wished. ♥

It's easy yet challenging at the same time to be getting gifts for each other! Though it is just a once a year thing, I always find it difficult to buy gifts for people these days.. We have everything now, no? And we just buy what we want or need.

After the gift exchange, we had a little fun with a small wig Karena brought alone~ Seriously, her and her props. Lol.

 photo P1410264.jpg

 photo P1410268.jpg  photo P1410271.jpg

Couldn't stop laughing when everyone put it on!!!!!

 photo P1410272.jpg  photo P1410273.jpg
Can Soohou work that hairdo?! Lol.

 photo P1410274.jpg  photo P1410277.jpg
Gary and Samuel totally cheated!
Then again, Soohou did too.. But his was funny. These two...

It just looks like there's a chunk of mess on their head. Lol.

 photo P1410280.jpg photo P1410276.jpg
The wig that fitted the nicest~ LOL.

And then, I realize I managed to escape the wig. Hahahaha. ;)

And that was that~ We exchanged our gifts and settled our souls a little before we voted for the various awards. Jolene also got to take part! :D It was a simple thing. Printed 10 of that and cut them up for everyone to vote. One person on each piece.....

 photo P1410338.jpg


A nice small corner. :D

We counted the votes there and then, and took turns to give out the awards with the top 3 named! Hahaha.

 photo P1410328.jpg
Us all who got something! :D

Obviously, fastforwarded to 2017 (now), I cannot remember who got what~ Lol. But you can see, Kesslyn, Karena and myself got 2 awards each! HEHEHHE. ♥

So, I thought I shouldn't be lazy and went to zoom in the photo to see who got what award.
Effort A+ please!

 photo P1410281.jpg

 photo P1410282.jpg
Another display of our awards~

It would be a lot more fun to include the video though!
It's already 2017 and yet, I have not gotten the videos we filmed that night. T_T

 photo P1410284.jpg
Us counting votes!
Soohou, obviously very camera ready. Lol.

 photo P1410285.jpg
Giving out the first one~

 photo P1410289.jpg
Best Social Media award.
There will obviously be just one person to claim this award.....
I don't really know the rationale behind this award, to be honest, but I guess the one with the best pictures? LOL.
Karena forever chio in her shots! And she posts really funny videos she edits, sometimes.

Ah no! Should be the most active on social media award!
Because the next one is the opposite~ Lol.

 photo P1410295.jpg
And here's Samuel with this~
Blue banana award~
Chinese pun saying not very social media active.


 photo P1410297.jpg

 photo P1410298.jpg
Oh right....
Lance Christmas's gift unintentionally became our microphone that night. hahah.

 photo P1410306.jpg

 photo P1410308.jpg
Kesslyn got the most humble award here~
Say she got skinnier and she'll only say "No la~~~" Lol.

Wait. Isn't that what 80% of women would say?! Lol.

But yes, she's the more humble one in the clique. Definitely.

 photo P1410310.jpg
And the opposite of humble??

 photo P1410311.jpg
hahhahaha. Not really, just more than everyone else. :P

 photo P1410312.jpg
Uh.. what is this award?
I just look so gummy-wide happy with Shan around ♥

She got the most 'fake' award. LOL. Making bestfriends anywhere and everywhere, BUT with a condition.
And it depends what condition it is that could be beneficial. hahahhha.

*Inside joke*

 photo P1410313.jpg
Next up~ The most photogenic award.

Not that previous award, but this. hahahha. Have you seen the pictures she post on her instagram?!!

Go see it, see it:

 photo P1410314.jpg
Here's the top 3 for the next award~!

Showing how we're excited to get it and then just praying we'll get it. LOL.

 photo P1410315.jpg



 photo P1410316.jpg

 photo P1410318.jpg

 photo P1410321.jpg
This picture........... CAME OUT SO WRONG!!!!!

 photo P1410323.jpg
Shan looks like she just gave up. LOL!!!


 photo P1410325.jpg
YAY ME AGAIN!!!!!! ^^

That's $80 in ma pocket! :P

I didn't bear to use it until like... a month before it expired though. HAHAHA.

And some group shots for the award winners!

Is it next award show will have better awards too?

 photo P1410331.jpg

 photo P1410332.jpg

The photographer who took these shots DAMN BAD!!!
There were too many blurred shots!

 photo P1410334.jpg
Our formation almost looks like a freaking 'V'.

 photo P1410335.jpg
And us all~~~ ♥

Shan so bright, she shine bright like a diamond~~~

Otherwise, can't find her :X

 photo P1410336.jpg

 photo P1410337.jpg

While having fun and distributing our awards, at some point, there was the security guard coming to check us out. Wondering what we were doing and almost chased us away..... Hmm, I think maybe he came after we were all done because we later had to leave the place. LOL. 1.5years apart and my memory has failed me.

But meh, insignificant episode~

 photo P1410339.jpg

 photo P1410340.jpg

 photo P1410341.jpg

 photo P1410342.jpg

 photo P1410343.jpg
Too many shots, too many weird poses. Lol.

 photo P1410344.jpg

 photo P1410346.jpg

But Christmas made special with them! <3
I very often say the Christmas we have is the craziest Christmas celebration we had... But nope, this is probably the third one?

Nothing will top this celebration 2 years ago: 2013 We had so much fun laughing!!!!

And the second one? Too lazy to search. :P

Just trying to say this celebration was crazy, but I'm glad there were other crazy ones to look back at too. ♥

 photo P1410347.jpg
Christmas is a jolly festive only because God gave me them as gifts! ♥

ps/ps: While you wait for my next entry, go read up 2013 Christmas.... THERE'S ALSO A VIDEO!

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