Monday, November 16, 2015

Tarts And KL Trip Preparation

 photo P1400747.jpg
Tarts for dinner tonight!
So pretty they were, and very delicious!!

I liked the Raspberry Praline Tart (left bottom) the most! Me and my liking for berries. :3
The color is also the prettiest, because purple and not white or brown or black. Lol.

Every one of them tasted good, to be honest; I think I'll start going for tarts when I choose desserts next time...
Tarts have never been a choice for me when choosing desserts and pastries. I always go for cakes!
But these.... game changer. Would totally go for more next time!

So glad Chiulee found a deal online to get them (Tart Blanc X) at an affordable price.
Didn't know tarts were so expensive - Maybe that's why I'd never considered them too.. Somewhat small for the price. :X

 photo P1400752.jpg  photo P1400750.jpg
Met up with Chiulee earlier this evening to finally try these tarts, and plan our KL trip!

We managed to book the coach and hotel for the trip in December!
First time traveling with Chiulee and Kesslyn, and my first time going to KL without the family. Probably going to cafe hop and go around more on foot than in cabs. Exciting! Seeing another side of a place I'm pretty familiar with. Like suaku. It's even my second time in December for this year. Lol.

Also, last trip in 2015 and I complete my goal to have a vacation every quarter. MUAHAHA.

 photo P1400748.jpg
One more shot to look at how good they were prepared. ♥

 photo P1400761.jpg
Ending off this entry with a random picture of me and a box because...
Bottega Veneta wallet from Gary!!!!!!!

Not. Lol.
Just a middle person helping to pass the wallet.

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