Monday, November 16, 2015

People Who Rants.... A LOT

ARG! I cannot tolerate constant whining from people. Especially when it's about work.... JUST DO THE WORK!

You can rant to me about it once...... maybe two times about the same thing, but I really cannot stand it when people just keep complaining about the same damn thing.

Does all these ranting reduce your workload? Hell no.

So why are you making me listen to your work rants again and again? The same damn work rants?! I have work too, you know?

If you hate to do a task, you either get the hell over it and just do the damn thing, or leave your job. Simple. If leaving your job is not an option, then just shut the hell up and do the work anyway. It's not like whining about it would get it done on its' own.

This is just one of those annoyed entries because someone is on my nerves complaining about their job. Really. You're paid so freaking much. If it's not what you have sign up for, just leave already.. I won't miss you. Seriously.

It's not like I love what I do as well, but there's really no point wasting my breath ranting about how much I hate it. At the end of the day, I still am the one who needs to do it. -.-

I really cannot stand you.

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