Saturday, August 22, 2015

The TreeTop Walk

It's rare to have the clique do anything other than eat together. lol. Really! Especially after we've started on our own paths in life... Work and all that lame adult responsibilities.

But today, the girls gathered to do something sporty together!

 photo P1390210.jpg
Trekking up TreeTop Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir!

 photo P1390213.jpg

I think the last time we donned sportswear was for Bubble Bump last September. xD (read here!) It was definitely one crazy day to remember. And wow, I rhythmed. Lol.

Fast forward 11 months later, we're going up a trail to check out one of the nicest nature views in Singapore! ^^ It was nice doing something like that... Sweating it out together and chit chatting along the way. All that sporty and girlie things except waking up early. Hurrr....

We met up at around 7:30am on a nice weathered Saturday, when we could have slept in hahaha, and started the walk at 8am. It was a good choice to start early because by the time we were done slightly before noon, the sun became unforgiving! We were almost done around 10:30am actually. Went up the shorter route.

Nevertheless, it was still nice to be surrounded by nature on a Saturday even though I am stull grumbling about the lack of morning snooze.

 photo P1390216.jpg

The air was nice. Trees making it less hot. While going up, we could see going up for their fair share of trekking and jogging too!

 photo P1390215.jpg

 photo P1390214.jpg

Didn't take too many pictures on our way because it was pretty much the same, and I was holding up the girls enough even without snapping away. ><

 photo P1390222.jpg

 photo P1390217.jpg

 photo P1390228.jpg
Annnnnnnd, the highlight!!!!

It was a rather quick walk. A pity, I would say. There wasn't any one behind us only for a few minutes. :(( Took a few quick snaps (helped the people behind us too) and had to leave the bridge because everyone can only pass it in a single file. The bridge was a little shaky too! Not scary, just shaky. The view was nice. Greens everywhere!

 photo P1390225.jpg
Quick snaps and then off we go back down.

 photo P1390227.jpg

 photo P1390238.jpg
This is us heading back down 1.5hours later.
I think the girls could have finished the trail a lot faster if it weren't for me. Lol.

 photo P1390231.jpg
The view, environment and companion was worth the waking up early! ^^

Ah! We didn't see monkeys throughout our walk. Thought I'd mention that for memory sake.

 photo P1390211.jpg

After the hike, we took the bus down to Hougang Mall and had dinner with Karena. She couldn't join us because she just got back from a flight. But eating together with all the girls in the clique was a nice feeling. :')

 photo P1390229.jpg

 photo P1390236.jpg
I wish we could do such activities again soon.. And maybe more often? :)

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