Sunday, June 07, 2015

Spotted Hot Babe In The Airport

Yesterday was a nice day. It was a Saturday!!! Saturdays are always nice! Weekends FTW!! :D

Did some self pampering in the day, and met up with Kesslyn, Gary and Jolene for a simple dinner.. Then, we didn't know where to go next and ended up going to the airport where we spotted a hot babe. ;) LOL. We headed down to the airport to pick up our hot stewardess friend.

 photo P1380606.jpg

 photo P1380615.jpg
Karena in da house!

 photo P1380623.jpg

 photo P1380612.jpg

 photo P1380621.jpg

 photo P1380622.jpg

 photo P1380611.jpg

 photo P1380605.jpg

Just uploading the pictures because I'm feeling oh-so-lazy today. xD

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