Monday, June 01, 2015

Favourite Public Holiday

Today's a wonderful wonderful day; I've found my favourite type of Public Holiday!!! And that is.......

Any one that falls on a Monday! :D

Why Monday?

You see, my life now is pretty routine.

Apart from work and occasional gatherings with friends (which means plenty), I've been attending workout classes too. Which is really awesome because I enjoy every single one of them and feeling the fats cry. Lol. One tiny problem is, I attend Sunday morning classes; which means I have one day less to laze in bed, and have to almost immediately start work (next day). Yes, almost immediately. LOL!

Today, I was absolutely ecstatic to know that after a great morning workout and a long afternoon, I can sleep as late as I want (hence this entry) and wake up really late tomorrow. :D

Long weekends are always a favourite! But I'll very much prefer Mondays off than Fridays.

I am so grateful for this Public Holiday that I am trying to do a million things. Watch the shows I've missed. Read my book. Finish up the magazines beside my bed. Blog. Stone. Play SIMS4!!! So much to do so little time.

Hmmm... Nonsensical update today. Lol.


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