Monday, June 01, 2015


I need to stop being an asshole... :/

I've been extremely distracted lately. Seems like I've been acknowledging and answering people without actually listening to what they have said.

Just my family actually. Which is really bad.

For the past one month, I realise I've been answering them when I actually have not even heard them consciously. I subconsciously answer them when I am not even in the same zone.

I don't like this. It's like.... an asshole.

"I told you I made orange juice for you and you said 'okay'."

"You said 'okay' to closing the window and keeping the laundry."

"I told you to drink that tea, you said 'okay'. Now it's cold, we have to throw it."

That's few of the gazillion times. It has been happening to me so so so often now. Most of the time, I'll either be on my phone or reading or watching TV. Now... I'm not sure if it's being distracted or engrossed. :/

Nevertheless, this patronizing response must stop!

It must be that. Me patronizing them by saying 'Okay' when I actually did not even hear what was said. And I'm not even lying. When they repeat that we have an agreement, I would have zero recollection of the interaction. Like.. z-e-r-o.

I used to get defensive and react "because I was doing something," or "how can you take my word for it when I was busy with something." But I'm not liking how frequent it's been happening now. It's like I'm just spacing out. :(

Note to self.

I better go prepare a sandwich for the Dad now. That I clearly heard, and have not done because I wanted to blog this with the content at the top of my head.

It's been a great long weekend! :D

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