Monday, May 11, 2015


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One of my favourite pictures of her from our Korea Trip last year. :X

My dearest sister turned 21 yesterday. It's suppose to be a big thing to officially become an adult by age, but as usual, my sister didn't fancy any of the party gimmicks and kept everything simple. Really simple. Too simple.

Yesterday was like any other Sundays that the family have... Except, we headed over to our Uncle's place for dinner to celebrate our grandma's birthday and cut 2 cakes! Obviously, one was for her. But that's it. She also did individual celebrations with her friends... So no big parties or any combined celebration.

Unlike me 3 years ago. DAMMIT, has it really been 3 years already?! Time flies. Let's turn back time?

So instead of doing something for my sister in return, all I did was buy dinner. T^T She did so much for me back then.... And I didn't even complete the card I started for her. ><

 photo P1380490.jpg
Us few hours ago having dinner at my sisters' favourite Sushi place, Itacho X

It was a bloody simple night, but it's what my sister wants so I hope she's happy. (: Birthday babies are the queens, so behold is queen. Lol.

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How many forsaken years is this?! LOL.

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Always proud of this smartypants.

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Booooooooooooooo. I miss my pink hair!!!!

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We may not be the best of the bestest sisters there is, but I won't choose another sister if I'm given a choice.


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