Sunday, May 10, 2015

Genki & Pitch Perfect 2

I like Fridays. It's like a prelude to the weekend. Slow dance work on Fridays and then *TADAAAH* party people!!! weekend. Except, of course, I am too restricted to literally party the nights off and would usually spend my weekends rather boringly away. Nevertheless, I wish there were more Fridays in a week.

Maybe 2 Fridays? So we'll get 4 weekends and then just 1 work day. Hahahaha.

Main point for today's entry.... My Friday well spent with ma gurlfwen!
It's Friday, doing anything is enjoyable and a time well spent! :P

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I had a good couple time with Karena. Had dinner at Genki Sushi, did a little shopping and then made an imprompt decision to catch 'Pitch Perfect 2'. It was suppose to be a girlfriend's night out, stuffing ourselves with Korean BBQ. Oh wellz.

Unfortunately, Weishan bailed on us because poor Rich was unwell... :( Cannot remember why Jo's absent.. So we went ahead without them, changed the plans and had a good time together. I love it when I have someone to watch movie with.. Sound sad, but yeah. Lol. 'Pitch Perfect 2' isn't as funny or nice as the first movie. But we still enjoyed it. 'Fat Amy' is such a funny character.

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Udon cravings more than Korean BBQ so I'm kewlz.

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Looking retarded but cute here hahahahahah

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Oh, one thing to remember; It was our first time heading down to Seletar Mall and we didn't know which LRT station to alight. Checked the map and end up alighting one stop before the correct one because we got too excited. LOL. We had to cab down from that one stop because it was too dark and we didn't know where we were. Punggol / Seng Kang is such a foreign place. :X

When we finally arrived in the Mall, we quicken our step and half ran up the escalator *BAM* and then I fell. (Can totally hear Weishan mocking me right about.... now. Lol.)

So embarrassing! There were people behind. T^T Lucky I recovered fast and pretended nothing happened when it hurt pretty bad. :( I have to remember never to run on stairs or escalators even if they are not moving.

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I like Fridays.... But today, it's Sunday and work cycle starts tomorrow again. SOBZ! It's okay, we'll be another day nearer to Friday again now. :D

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