Monday, April 06, 2015

First Townhall.

Hi. I should be either sleeping or working right now, but I am too full to sleep and is feeling......... meh to do any work. x,x

Today's a nice Monday. I am happy to not get Monday Blues.... It's all in the head. Really.

People who constantly complains and whines about Mondays (or any other workdays) are just pricks to me now. Keyword: 'Constantly.' I will really appreciate it if people would stop pouring their negative thoughts all over me. I can take it the first 2 times. But if you're just going to go on and on and on about the same damn thing, get lost please. -,- And there's this particular person who gets on my nerves every single time. STOP.COMPLAINING.

Anyway! There was a Townhall earlier today! My first Townhall. It was........... long. Lasted 3 hours. But it was interesting.

While I was running in and out of the room (getting and arranging the refreshments for after), I managed to listen more than half of the agenda. About each individual projects, and lessons learnt for certain aspect.

"Never assume, get all offline/online agreements documented and keep as an addendum."

And that's all I have from my first Townhall. LOL.

Ahhhh... Random. xD

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