Sunday, April 05, 2015

Tale As Old As Time

Hiiiii! ^^ We have now entered the second quarter of 2015. How time flies... :X

Time is always ticking off, but there are certain things that we'll always remember. Like the classic cartoons we used to like when we were kids. Growing up, I've become less interested in cartoons and animated movies. I still watch some popular ones when friends recommend them, but even these popular cartoons that kids are obsessed with now are not much better than what we used to watch.

Despite the poorer quality of the production, I still prefer our old school fairy tales like... 'Cinderella' and 'Anastasia'. (2 of my all time favourites!) Lol. So old school.

I also like 'Beauty and the Beast', but I don't remember repeating that cartoon as many times.

Anyway, I had a rather fairy tale like evening yesterday.

(I have no idea why I've typed so much about time ticking off. lol)

 photo 20150404_213510.jpg
Caught 'Beauty & The Beast' musical, and it was so enjoyable!

It's like a fairy tale come to life, with all the familiar characters in the cartoon singing and dancing in their costumes! There was the clock, the candle, the teacup and Mrs Potts!! Maybe because I didn't imagine what a fairy tale musical would be like, I was so awed by the set up and costumes in the musical. I had fun watching the musical, and had this urge to watch the cartoon again when it ended!

 photo P1370452.jpg
Watched the musical with Haniza and her friends. Nice knowing them. ^^

 photo P1370453.jpg  photo P1370450.jpg
To more musicals together! :)

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