Monday, April 27, 2015

Can't Stop, Won't Stop Cruising (;

 photo P1370473.jpg
¡ Brace yourself ¡

This is going to be an extremely long entry filled with lengthy descriptions, and plenty of pictures from my 12 nights vacation onboard Voyager of the Seas to Tokyo X. :D


In case one full entry is too burdensome to finish reading in one shot, here's ma breakdown. :D

Cruising from Singapore to Tokyo!!

The one-day stops:
Touring Nha Trang
Shopping in Hong Kong
Eating, and eating, and shoe shopping in Taiwan
Samuraaaaaaai-ed in Nagasaki
One night in Tokyo


SO! I am finally back from a very relaxing (and a little choppy) 13-day vacation........

It has been a really good holiday!! Mostly, just relaxing onboard (in the steam room, jacuzzi and pool!), eating good food, playing mahjong, watching the night shows, karaoke sessions/competition and movies, and allowing myself to think about nothing but what to eat and where to relax next. Heh. (This will also explain why there not many pictures of us onboard later)

There are of course quite a handful of time where we had to move a lot and exhaust ourselves too. &That's during the 6 days we were on steady land, exploring our port of calls! It's like... 1 day to chiong, 1 day to nua for recovery and then... REPEAT!! LOL. We also ate a lot throughout this trip... And by a lot, I mean you shouldn't continue the entry if you're hungry. xD

Our first time on Voyager of the Seas. Same grade as Mariner of the Seas X (similar concept and all), but Voyager is newly furbished and has slightly more (maybe better?) facilities. There was a mini golf course and the Flow Rider (Wave House equivalent in Sentosa). ALL THESE FOR FREE OKAY! :D

> Our previous trip on-board Mariner of the Seas <

Well, not exactly free 'free'.. The cost for use of these facilities have already been included in our package. Which is.... around $2500. Before you scream that it's expensive, this includes: a normal state room during the 11 cruise nights, fooooood, use of majority (98%) of the facilities on-board, a day-tour around Tokyo, a night stay in Tokyo PLUS the flight back to Singapore. Quite a good deal, isn't it? A different kind of holiday that not everyone would enjoy... Lol.

Anyway........ Back back back, with pictures now.

 photo P1370485.jpg
♒ SEA DAY 1 ♒

 photo P1370464.jpg

I am glad we didn't go on-board early in the morning this time. We always go extra early to check out the cruise when we go on shorter trips. But since we were going to be traveling for more than 5 days this time, we managed to persuade our mother to check-in a little later. Lol. On this very same day, another cruise was departing too! The Princess X.

 photo P1370466.jpg
Excited faces, finally onboarded!

 photo P1370467.jpg
Lunch first!
Didn't head straight into our room since we already know what it'll look like.
We hung around and checked out the cruise before the arrival of our luggages.

 photo P1370471.jpg

Cozy cabin room for the next 11 nights!
The room we spent quite a bit of time in, and where I watched a lot of movies.
So happy I could catch up with a few.

 photo P1370477.jpg
Camwhore after we washed up while waiting for le parents to be ready.
Was also waiting for the mandatory drill to begin, since nothing else will be opened when the cruise is docked.

 photo P1370476.jpg

 photo P1370474.jpg
Tripod made photo taking SO SIMPLE!!
Going to bring it for my many trips to come now. :D

 photo P1370480.jpg

&Here's the inside of Voyager of the Seas!

 photo P1370465.jpg
Shopping Arcade! Mostly luxury brands. Also the place where sales are held.
Also where the Customer Service is located. There's also a snack bar and bar along the stretch.

 photo P1370783.jpg
The second day would have these decorations up too!
The same as Mariner of the Seas, they had this Dream Works parade X
Sis and I didn't manage to catch it this time though. Too crowded, too short. >:(

 photo P1370502.jpg
The other end of the Shopping Arcade.
First few things we did when the cruise set sail was to queue at the Customer Service counter for travel adapter.
Thought I was well prepared for the trip, but end up buying the wrong kind of adapter. -.-

 photo P1370503.jpg
The 2 storey theatre area.

 photo P1370505.jpg
Inside, on the second level.
We spend quite a bit of time here too...
Watched "Guardians of the Galaxy" 3D, a magic show, production shows and also the Karaoke competition!

 photo P1370542.jpg
Rock Climbing Wall.
This trip was definitely a good opportunity for us to enjoy these facilities, considering the length of our stay.
But we didn't. =,=

 photo P1370539.jpg
This is damn cool.
The simulated surfing.
Which, of course, we didn't try too. =.=

 photo P1370540.jpg
Here's also where you'll get to check out the pretty handsome instructor. LOL.

 photo P1370537.jpg
Mini Golf Course

 photo P1370538.jpg

Hai. Looking back, I feel that my sis and I didn't maximize the facilities.
All we did was eat, spa, eat, watch shows, eat, swim, eat, jacuzzi and eat again. Lol.

Eat eat eat.


 photo P1370501.jpg
The Casino!

 photo P1370536.jpg
The outdoor pool.
(There are 10 pools & whirlpools onboard)

The pool water is really salty! So salty that it'll hurt your eye.
And it's not seawater salty. It tasted 10 times saltier than seawater!
Most people onboard don't swim though... They just soak in the water. :/

I swam the most when it was freezing cold!! So freaking cold that no one wanted to soak in it. LOL.
It was quite an experience.. To swim in ice cold water...
In fact, I think I enjoyed swimming in the cold most. Because there was no one in the pool at all.
People would occasionally look at me from their warm jacuzzi though. Probably thinking I'm crazy.

 photo P1370778.jpg
One of the many bars.

Oh! Sis and I didn't purchase any of their drink packages this time!
Since we won't be onboard half the time, and could easily get any drinks we want from outside.

We did get the Wi-Fi package though. For long stays, they have special promotions!
Cheap cheap. Not.

 photo P1370516.jpg
Pool area at night.
Very chilly from after Vietnam, and got extremely cold towards Nagasaki.

 photo P1370511.jpg
Card Room.
The adults hung out here the most, playing mahjong.

 photo P1370470.jpg
The Spa area!
I believe my sis and I showered here more than we did in our cabin's shower. Lol.
More spacious.

 photo P1370469.jpg
The warm warm jacuzzi.
When it was too cold outside, we spend a bit more time in here.
&Behind the jacuzzi, you can see a whole stretch of treadmills and bicycles. The Gym!

 photo P1370488.jpg
Soon enough, dinner time was here.
Meal time will seem to come very fast from now onwards because I didn't take many pictures of us just chilling.

 photo P1370492.jpg
Best travel companion.
Love-hate, but I'm the most comfortable and unglam with her. ;)

 photo P1370495.jpg
We were in the middle of the 3-storey dining area.

 photo P1370489.jpg
Ordered this weird tasting soup.
Watermelon, raspberry, sour cream and pistachios.

 photo P1370498.jpg
And dinner is served.
They'll always serve you bread when you're seated. Bread for when you're waiting for the food.
I love their bread. They let you choose, and we'll always pick the same one. Lol.

 photo P1370507.jpg
Went for the first production show after dinner.

 photo P1370512.jpg
Sudoku Challenge!

 photo P1370515.jpg
"Enchanted" was on!!!
Love that movie.

 photo P1370517.jpg
The first night ended with us roaming around. We discovered that the Arcade was on Free-mode!!!!
Played so much DDR that I think we sweat-ed all our food that day. Lol.
Unfortunately, these free games were only available on the first night. :(

 photo P1370524.jpg
♒ SEA DAY 2 ♒

 photo P1370532.jpg
Fast-food for breakfast!!! :D
Yugine highly recommended them, so there we went!
USD5.95 for a starter, burger/sandwich and dessert! Menu

 photo P1370529.jpg
Nice retro place.
They also break into some dance every 30 minutes. Sometimes not looking very enthusiastic. Haha.

 photo P1370526.jpg
Starters! Free flow some more.

 photo P1370527.jpg
We ordered their Chili Beef fries too!

Of course, by the time we were done with the starters, we were already stuffed. Lol.

 photo P1370528.jpg
The burgers!
Not fantastic though.

 photo P1370530.jpg
Sister's chocolate sundae and my Strawberry milkshake. SO FREAKING THICK I LIKE.

 photo P1370531.jpg
My apple crumble. VERY NICE.
Warm and thick slices of the apples.

 photo P1370541.jpg
Our activity after lunch: Check out the highest deck and watch people surf.
There were opened for a while and a long queue quickly formed.
Every time you fall, you have to queue. And there will only be only surfer each time.
It was quite interesting, seeing how people actually improve after trying again and again.

 photo P1370544.jpg
What the adults did for the rest of the afternoon...
And I cannot remember what I did. Lol.

 photo P1370547.jpg
Formal night! :D

I..... liked our first formal night onboard Legend of the Seas X most.
Then, there were less locals and a lot more Westerners. Plenty of effort were put into their outfits for the night...
From our second cruise onwards, guests seem a lot more casual (great mix of Asians already).

 photo P1370552.jpg

 photo P1370567.jpg
Dinner is served.
You see more plates than the 6 of us because you can order more than one serving!
And you can order more servings of any course of the meal!
Can't decide between 2 starters/mains/desserts? Order them all!!! Lol.
See, $2500 is not that expensive afterall. Lol.

 photo P1370574.jpg
Here's mum and her supper.
I guess we didn't put on weight during this trip because we skipped a lot of carbohydrates and ate more meat instead. And had more meals. Lol.

 photo P1370586.jpg

 photo P1370577.jpg  photo P1370579.jpg
While waiting for our tour number (22!) to be called.

Because of the language barrier and the docking location, we went with one of the cruise tours!
A brief tour around Nha Trang.

 photo P1370583.jpg

 photo P1370584.jpg
Here's us on their small boats to the port!
Couldn't dock anywhere near the port because it was a little small.

 photo P1370590.jpg

 photo P1370594.jpg
On the coach to our next location!

 photo P1370596.jpg

Check out how the trees are trimmed! How is this possible?
I wondered if they were fake.

 photo P1370598.jpg

 photo P1370609.jpg
Some big marketplace
Not very interesting, so just...... view the pictures. Lol.
The weather was very hot by the way.

 photo P1370614.jpg

 photo P1370607.jpg

 photo P1370608.jpg

 photo P1370612.jpg

 photo P1370615.jpg

 photo P1370611.jpg
Act artistic shot. ;P

 photo P1370619.jpg
&We're off to the next location!

 photo P1370620.jpg

 photo P1370621.jpg
The architecture of the temples were interesting
Looked a little like Hindu temples.

 photo P1370623.jpg
Someone just had to photobomb.
We didn't go in though.... Was lazy to remove our shoes. LOL.

 photo P1370624.jpg

 photo P1370625.jpg
These reminded me of Jeju Island's Dol hareubang X

The weather was perfect for pictures!
Hot, but great lighting.

 photo P1370627.jpg
I wonder what are those 'stands'for.

 photo P1370628.jpg

 photo P1370633.jpg

 photo P1370637.jpg

 photo P1370639.jpg
Hai. Kind of hate how my camera isn't selfie smart.

 photo P1370642.jpg

 photo P1370663.jpg
Another temple visit!

 photo P1370648.jpg

 photo P1370651.jpg

 photo P1370661.jpg

 photo P1370654.jpg

Behind this dragon is a flight of steps to the temple.
I still didn't check it out but stayed outside because of my shoe situation. Lol.

 photo P1370655.jpg

But, we had a pretty.... unpleasant experience while sincerely praying.

There was this group of Vietnamese crowding infront of the temple shoving incense sticks to people. I first thought it was such a nice thing to do, but very soon realise it was just one of their ways to make money. After one accepts the joss stick and offered to the God, these people would ask for money. Not sure if they said it was for donations though, but it definitely didn't seem like a donation drive. While sis and I stayed outside to watch, we also realise these people reuse all these incense sticks. Almost immediately after one puts their joss sticks into the urn, these people would pick it up again and pass it on to the next person.

There was even this lady who demanded requested for more money when my dad had given her $2. She said she has already told my dad the price for that half burnt incense stick. -,- It was rather frustrating.... The weather was hot, the entrance was smoke-y and crowded with people.... Having to witness this infront of a temple was...... I can only shake my head when I think about it.

Shortly after our parents entered the temple, this friendly guy approached me. Introduced himself, talked about his background as a student (he looks a little too adult to be a student...), asked about me and shared more about his school and classmates. Apparently, he's from an English school supported by the temple (he does speak fluent English) and is looking for kind people to donate to their school / temple. It wasn't a direct donation though.. He tried to... sell this booklet of postcards. I cannot recall the exact price, but I remember it wasn't cheap even in Singapore dollars. :/ Didn't stop pushing me to get it when I told him I didn't exchange any money to spend in Vietnam. He even waited for my parents to be done praying, and nudged me to ask them... Really...?

After the encounter, I felt a little sad for the people... He was speaking so well, and seemed quite educated to be spending his time in the temple chatting up with tourists. I'll give all these people the benefit of doubt though... That they were really helping the temple. :/

 photo P1370656.jpg

 photo P1370662.jpg

 photo P1370664.jpg
Random shot of the street.

 photo P1370666.jpg
This was the next stop. We didn't alight because we knew it'll be too artistic for our taste. ;)

 photo P1370670.jpg
Can you spot it's eyes??

This was taken in their Aquarium. A little rustic and run down, it felt more like a.... normal shop selling fishes than an aquarium.

 photo P1370673.jpg
All the dead creature species...

The stop at Nha Trang was rather short... Shortest port of call among the 5 stops. There weren't much to do though.
Headed back after our tour for dinner.

 photo P1370677.jpg
Picture of the sampan girl. Lol.
Unfortunately, this hat didn't survive for too long a time.... lol. Even just being in our cabin, it was spoilt few days later.
Someone accidentally sat on it.

 photo P1370686.jpg

 photo P1370687.jpg

 photo P1370689.jpg
This was at 4ish.

 photo P1370691.jpg

We've tried this place when we were onboard Mariner of the Seas previously.
My sister absolutely loved their Tiramisu and swore to have it again.

 photo P1370689 2.jpg
The entrance.

USD15 cover charge for a 3 course meal.
A starter, main/pasta and dessert. Menu
Of course, these are not limited.

 photo P1370692.jpg
A slightly cozier layout this time.

 photo P1370693.jpg
Dinner date ♥

Only sis and I because the adults are less adventurous. Their taste buds crave for too much Chinese food. Lol.

 photo P1370694.jpg

ツ FOOD SPAM!!! ツ

When we had our first experience with Giovanni's Table 2 years ago, we didn't know it was a 3 course meal and ordered one dish from EACH section of the menu. LOL.
We got really stuffed at the end of the meal and almost couldn't enjoy our dessert.
The tiramisu was too good though.

This time, we are aware.... BUT! We ordered from every section of the menu anyway. Lol.
Can't decide what's the dish you wanna eat most? ORDER ALL!!! :p

One starter. One soup. One entrée. One pasta. One dessert.
All for USD15. ;)

 photo P1370695.jpg
Our starters.
Mine was extremely heavy because underneath the thin slices of salami were thick blocks of cheese. :O
Very tasty though. Have never had something so... heavy and light at the same time.

 photo P1370696.jpg
We had the same soup.
So thick, so flavourful.

 photo P1370698.jpg
Our pasta.
My sister's pasta seem to have used the soup we ordered as the sauce. Lol.
Mine sucked. Didn't finish half of it. Don't think I can ever appreciate the mushy taste of Gnocchi.

 photo P1370702.jpg
The veal wraps around a generous amount of ham and cheese.
I should have died a horrible death from all the fats consumed.

 photo P1370703.jpg
My sister's!
She's definitely more strategic with her orders.
Smaller portion of starter and entrée. Tsk.

 photo P1370704.jpg
I also had the Tiramisu this time.
No pictures because.... doesn't look appetising. Lol.

 photo P1370707.jpg
♒ SEA DAY 4 ♒

No further pictures from after our great meal at Giovanni's Table because....... I think we went for shows and chilled more at the open space.
Or maybe we went to the stream room to sweat out all the food? Lol.

 photo P1370709.jpg
Swollen face from all the good food.

And what's the first thing we did after walking up?

We arrived earlier than our reservation (yes, reservations are sometimes required).
So we......... hung out in the toilet first. LOL.

 photo P1370718.jpg
Overlooking the great blue sea and have prettier marbled floors.

 photo P1370720.jpg

 photo P1370723.jpg

We didn't have the opportunity to try this the last time.
Someone we met in our last trip recommended this to Giovanni's Table, so I told my sister we definitely have to try this place.
It was so good, we went for a second visit with the family. :X

Slightly pricier at USD30. Menu.
It's not a good comparison to Giovanni's Table though. Since they serve different cuisine.
But, I will definitely choose Chops Grille over Giovanni's Table. :X
Unless I'm craving for Tiramisu. Chops Grille's desserts are so-so.

 photo P1370743.jpg
A brighter environment with a stretch of tables facing the sea.

 photo P1370727.jpg

 photo P1370728.jpg
This selfie defocus again. Tsk.
Only can take selfies when side by side meh.

 photo P1370729.jpg

 photo P1370730.jpg
Got a little crazy and ordered a bottle of wine to share.
WE FINISHED IT. Lol. There was so much.

ツ FOOD SPAM!!! ツ

As usual, we didn't stick to ordering just enough. Lol.
I guess... we were just being a typical Singaporean, trying to maximize the price we paid.

 photo P1370732.jpg
Caesar Salad.
Simple dish, but very well prepared. Tasted just right.

 photo P1370736.jpg
Sister's scallops.
Very nice too! Onion bits weren't overpowering.

 photo P1370737.jpg
Both had their mushroom soup and shared their shrimp cocktail.

That's a total of 3 appetizers + 2 soups for the 2 of us. ;)

 photo P1370738.jpg
Looks small?

 photo P1370742.jpg
It taste best with the sauces given.

And.... here's our main dish...

 photo P1370745.jpg
Sister's 6oz beef, and mine 12oz.
Yeah, a little too greedy BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.
Judge me all you want.

We could choose a variety of side dishes. Free Flow!
Didn't add any sauce for my beef because it was good enough on its own.

Very value for money.

Next time, I'm going to order their fish. Seafood's slightly more expensive, right? Lol.

 photo P1370748.jpg

The meh desserts. Lol.

 photo P1370750.jpg
This is red velvet. Where's the red? :p

 photo P1370722.jpg
It was such a good meal that I almost immediately went to the toilet. LOL.

This was the day I watched "Guardians of the Galaxy" I think.
Dammit. Now I kind of regret not taking pictures of what I've done. At least a selfie or something.
Even if I was in the pool or spa.
This half of the entry is filled with so many food pictures that I feel fat now.

 photo P1370770.jpg

Hong Kong was a familiar place for us. Somewhat.
So, we discussed prior to our trip where we wanna go. Langham Place X.
Alighted after all the tour groups left, and took the public transport to Langham Place.

 photo P1370757.jpg
I guess one thing good about long cruise trips is..... My parents get to eat other cuisine out of the cruise.
Also mean they'll get to eat Chinese food. They can't live without. Lol.

It was still very early so not many shops were opened.

 photo P1370763.jpg
Separated from the family and ventured out.

I was trying to search for this shop that sells 老婆饼 (Sweetheart cake / Wife cake). I very clearly remember where it's located, but couldn't find it at all. :((
That was the best I've ever had. Tsk.
I don't remember the brand though.

After shopping around for hours (no photos as evidence. Sobs! Food again), we went for some dimsum. Lol.

Couldn't find one that serves a great variety, so we settled with some random restaurant.

 photo P1370758.jpg

 photo P1370759.jpg
This mango dish is very nice.

 photo P1370760.jpg
包z 包z 包z
Baoz baoz baoz
Bunz bunz bunz

Reunited with our parents after enjoying the dimsum and headed back to cruise.
I actually like this..... Dropping briefly at a few places and then heading back to the "hotel" (cruise).

You don't need much planning for each destination since you won't have that much time.
So, you do what you want to do most.

 photo P1370767.jpg

 photo P1370768.jpg

 photo P1370765.jpg
The card that has our credit card details (for onboard purchases), our dining time and table, our muster station and photo card numbers.
It's so cool now... Technology has made things so simple!
Instead of printing the photos taken onboard by their photographers, they store everything in this computer.... All you have to do is swipe your card and you can view them all.

 photo P1370766.jpg

 photo P1370773.jpg
Our loots!
Top row is mine mine mine.
Love that biscuit brand! :D
I hope I'll wear that 2 pairs of shoes though. :X

Our time in Hong Kong was slightly longer... We got back, rested a little and went soaking in the jacuzzi.
SO relaxing for the feet after a long day of walking.

 photo P1370776.jpg
♒ SEA DAY 6 ♒

I can watch the waves all day..........

 photo IMG-20150420-WA0001.jpg  photo IMG-20150420-WA0007.jpg
Me finally trying their buffet breakfast.
We hardly wake up for breakfast when we are onboard. Lol.
These shots were taken to share with my colleagues during their lunch time. Muahahhaha.

After breakfast, we roamed around and went to play Bingo!

 photo P1370779.jpg
So many cards. So many numbers.
Lucky people will always be lucky.
Aunty Teo won quite a bit and split it with my mum.

 photo P1370781.jpg
Photo session!!!
They have these at different times. Just like in normal themed parks.
We were just lucky to see this Panda roaming around after our game. Lol.

 photo 20150420_200443.jpg
Food again. This is dinner.
I LOVE THEIR BREAD BTW. Have I mentioned?
I've never eaten so many bread in my life. Lol.
At least one bun everyday. And it's just this particular one.
Didn't take a picture of it.......... Craving for it nao. Sobs.

And omg corn!!! I love corn!

 photo IMG-20150420-WA0013.jpg  photo IMG-20150420-WA0015.jpg

 photo P1370777.jpg

 photo P1370790.jpg

First time visiting Taiwan. I had so much expectations because I've heard so much from people.
I wasn't disappointed and really enjoyed my day there. :D
Would love to plan a vacation there someday.

 photo P1370785.jpg

 photo P1370786.jpg

 photo P1370788.jpg
Us waiting for our chauffeur.

We didn't go for cruise tours in Taiwan too.
Didn't think it was necessary since we speak the same language and can make do without the touristy spots.
Did a little research back home and found someone within our budget.

Comfortable mini bus for us. ^^

 photo P1370810.jpg
The weather was awesome.
Why can't Singapore be a little less harsh on us with the heat?

 photo P1370793.jpg

 photo P1370794.jpg

 photo P1370800.jpg
First quick stop.

 photo P1370801.jpg
So windy, so chilly.

 photo P1370804.jpg

 photo P1370807.jpg
Funny shot with our driver. Lol.
He's extremely friendly and helpful. Such a joy.

 photo P1370808.jpg

 photo P1370827.jpg
He brought us next to this tourist place.
Also the last one because we told him we'll go straight for some shopping after this. Lol.

 photo P1370816.jpg

 photo P1370798.jpg
This stone is what the attraction is about....
Stone that looks like a lady.

 photo P1370815.jpg
WE SAW IT!!! Can you spot it?
We didn't pay to check out the place. :X Went roaming around the vicinity and found that the stone is actually visible somewhere near. Lol.

 photo P1370814.jpg

 photo P1370813.jpg
Stretch of local products being sold. Mainly for tourists I suppose.
And as tourists, we contributed quite a bit here. Lol.

 photo P1370817.jpg

After this boring stop (we spent more than 30 minutes shopping that stretch of local products), we were brought to 九份.

 photo P1370830.jpg

We just went ahead and walked, and walked, and walked.

 photo P1370829.jpg

 photo P1370840.jpg
We had so many sticks of this. Lol.

 photo P1370828.jpg

 photo P1370831.jpg

 photo P1370833.jpg
Don't really fancy anything with ginger, but this beancurd was so smooth.
The ginger soup bothered me just a tiny bit.

 photo P1370834.jpg
Never really liked "Black Ball" in Singapore. Only like the one from KL's "Snowflake", but this one....

 photo P1370835.jpg
Looking at this makes me shake my head with a serious craving.
The beef noodles. *slurps*
Have never tried beef noodles because I thought the smell would be too much for me.
But this was very balanced. Noodles handmade too! FWAH!

 photo P1370837.jpg

 photo P1370841.jpg

 photo P1370842.jpg

 photo P1370843.jpg

 photo P1370845.jpg
After streets of food and local products, we reach the top!
I love the weather. Walked so much but didn't feel exhausted.

 photo P1370846.jpg

 photo P1370847.jpg

 photo P1370848.jpg
Interesting yet creepy at the same time.

 photo P1370849.jpg
Got a little lost looking for the bus stop our driver was telling us.

 photo P1370850.jpg
A hill? mountain? filled with tombstones.

 photo P1370854.jpg
After a stomach filling trip to 九份, we requested to go to our last destination....

 photo P1370855.jpg
So lucky to chance upon this!
Have heard so much about this brand of 蚵仔麵線 Taiwanese Oyster Mee Sua, it was good.
Won't say it's very good though. Just... good.

 photo P1370857.jpg
Didn't find many oysters in mine leh. Why!

 photo P1370861.jpg
Different kind of mochi. Theirs are less.... sticky, more chewy.

 photo P1370862.jpg
Random shot because the color so naise.

 photo P1370865.jpg
This was rather shiok!
Not chicken breast, I like. Didn't taste tough, I like like.

After eating, we found this really cheap shoe shop.
I wanted to buy all the pretty shoes. Pity not all of them look good on my feet. :((

 photo P1370867.jpg
A temple in the middle of the street.

This was somewhere else.
After shoe shopping, we met up with our driver and got him to drop us at Keelung Night Market.
It's near our port, and since we were still a little early, we checked it out.

 photo P1370870.jpg

I like that Singapore is racial harmonious (somewhat still), but I'm jealous of other countries when it comes to bringing dogs out. Lol.
They can be brought around everywhere!

 photo P1370872.jpg

 photo P1370873.jpg
You think we'll skip dinner after eating all the nonsense right? Lol.

 photo P1370874.jpg

 photo P1370876.jpg

 photo P1370878.jpg
Seafood without rice for dinner. Cheap cheap.

 photo P1370880.jpg
This corn was weird tasting.
Corn not crunchy or sweet and coated with peanut butter?!

 photo P1370881.jpg
Too sweet after the third one though.

 photo P1370883.jpg

 photo P1370884.jpg

 photo P1370891.jpg
My loots!

 photo P1370893.jpg
Buys combined with sisters'. Keke.

 photo P1370896.jpg
♒ SEA DAY 8 ♒

We finally forced ourselves out of our bed to check out sun rise!
But there's no rising sun. -.-
And it was freaking cold? VERY FREEZING COLD!!
The wind was so bloody strong.

Speaking of which.... I think it's when we're going towards Taiwan and moving off from Taiwan...
The sea was very choppy. I felt uncomfortable on a few occasions where I thought I was swaying.
Even after standing on stable ground, I felt like I was slightly swaying.
So unbalanced.

Day 8 was spa day again, so lets go straight to dinner again. LOL.

 photo P1370899.jpg
Remember I mentioned us checking out Chops Grille with the family?
Here's the night.

It was without our mother though. She was down with food poisoning.... Poor her.
I think she suspected the food she ate in Taiwan. The seafood?
Cruise has doctors on duty, so she got a vaccination onboard and was told to be quarantined for a day. Lol.
They are very careful when it comes to this I think? The housekeepers who tidy her room has to shower after being done. Lol.

 photo P1370900.jpg
It's okay, second mother is there. :)

 photo P1370903.jpg

 photo P1370905.jpg
FISH! Nice nice.

 photo P1370907.jpg
The jumbo prawns.

With no doubt, sis and I had beef again. SO GOOD.
But I guess, it's more worthy to order these seafood. They come in smaller portions, so you can order more!
Maximize the value paid for dinner. ;)

Maybe order the fish and jumbo prawns next time? And then the smallest beef. Hahahaha.

 photo P1370909.jpg

 photo P1370912.jpg
This was very good.
So I take back my word on their dessert being so-so. Not fantastic. But okay.

Cannot remember what we did after dinner.
But we were happily chatting while walking back to our room.
Opened our door and I almost screamed my lungs out.

Okay, exaggerated. It was just a "Ahhh!".

 photo IMG-20150422-WA0000.jpg

 photo P1370914.jpg
Just imagine opening the door to this.
Was so caught off guard. Lol.

Oh. I see the hat was still in a good condition on this day. LOL.

 photo P1370916.jpg

I was most looking forward to Japan!
And I love this place. So serene.

 photo P1370919.jpg

 photo P1370920.jpg
The morning view. FWAH.

 photo P1370922.jpg
Us just wasting some time. Lol.

 photo P1370924.jpg

 photo P1370925.jpg

 photo P1370928.jpg
Booked another tour for Nagasaki because we've never been to Japan and didn't do enough research to know what to expect and where to go.

The walk out took rather long. Had to clear custom and queue for a bit.
There were so many of us.

 photo P1370933.jpg
And then so, here's our very cute tour guide.
She speaks understandable English! But she's very cute.
She keeps repeating "and then so" Lol. Like almost every sentence?
Here's her explaining to us the location of Nagasaki.

 photo P1370936.jpg
And then so, you see a random sports court in the middle of nowhere. Lol.
This is a tennis court, right?

 photo P1370937.jpg
So much green!

 photo P1370938.jpg

 photo P1370941.jpg

 photo P1370945.jpg

 photo P1370946.jpg
And then so, here's our first stop!
Rest stop.

 photo P1370947.jpg
And then so, the sea look so blue!

 photo P1370948.jpg
Freaking hell, my lips no color, so pale so ugly.

 photo P1370949.jpg

 photo P1370950.jpg

 photo P1370951.jpg

 photo P1370953.jpg
And then so, the first official stop was Shimabara Castle.

 photo P1370954.jpg
Cute girls dancing to welcome tourists. Lol.

 photo P1370955.jpg

The tour seem to be very samurai focus.
Many samurai stories in this castle, and then we checked out some samurai houses.

 photo P1370958.jpg

 photo P1370959.jpg
Cannot imagine how heavy these uniforms are.
Is that why Japanese are not very tall?
But actually, Asians in generally are not extremely tall. :/

 photo P1370961.jpg
The stick layout of the castle.

 photo P1370963.jpg
Quite cool....

 photo P1370978.jpg
And here's the real deal. Lol.

 photo P1370964.jpg
At the top of the castle!

 photo P1370967.jpg
Why do we have so many high rise buildings? It'll be so cute to have all the small cottages instead.

 photo P1370970.jpg

 photo P1370972.jpg

 photo P1370977.jpg
Placed the tripod and my camera somewhere high for these shots. HEH.
No need help from others!
No need to scared others have poor photography skills. :X

 photo P1370979.jpg  photo P1370980.jpg
Our new way to take selfies where you can see the background. Lol.

 photo P1370982.jpg

 photo P1370984.jpg

 photo P1370988.jpg  photo P1370989.jpg
Kimono for you?

 photo P1370992.jpg
A tiny garden on the way to samurai houses.

 photo P1370993.jpg
This stream of water flows below a long long stretch of houses.

 photo P1370999.jpg
Didn't take many shots of the samurai houses...
We went to 2.

 photo P1380006.jpg

 photo P1380007.jpg

 photo P1380009.jpg

 photo P1380017.jpg

 photo P1380018.jpg

 photo P1380020.jpg
And then so, LUNCH!

 photo P1380022.jpg
So delicious. Every one of them dishes.

 photo P1380023.jpg
I came know that Japanese are not as crazy as us when it comes to Salmon.
Salmon are more for children, and adults usually eat other kind of fishes. Like.... tuna.

 photo P1380024.jpg

 photo P1380025.jpg
And then so after lunch, feed the goat!

 photo P1380029.jpg

 photo P1380035.jpg
And then so, last stop!
A place where it shows you houses that have been buried by a disaster. A volcano eruption.

 photo P1380036.jpg
The map showing how the volcano lava travelled.

 photo P1380037.jpg
It was said that these weren't man made.
They were preserved from after the disaster.

 photo P1380039.jpg

 photo P1380040.jpg
It's quite amazing...
If you look closely inside, you can see how some of the items are still intact.

 photo P1380042.jpg
These houses were so well built, they didn't melt or get totally ruined by the lava.

 photo P1380043.jpg

 photo P1380044.jpg

 photo P1380047.jpg
We got 2 boxes.

 photo P1380048.jpg

 photo P1380052.jpg
Looks super good right?
The redder the strawberries, the sweeter they are.

After our pleasant trip around Nagasaki, we headed back.

 photo P1380064.jpg
Here's them Japanese working at the port waving happily to us.
It's so amazing.
The only stop that gave us a goodbye performance (drum performance) and rode around to wave us goodbye UNTIL we are out of sight.

 photo P1380068.jpg
And then so, the sun set on a very pleasant note for me.
Gave me higher expectation for Tokyo.

 photo P1380069.jpg
And then so, here's my sister and her perfectly swirled ice cream. Lol.

 photo P1380078.jpg
♒ SEA DAY 10 ♒

 photo P1380070.jpg
Johnny Rockets for lunch again.

 photo P1380071.jpg
The Karaoke competition.

 photo P1380098.jpg
Last dinner onboard.

 photo P1380099.jpg

 photo P1380101.jpg

 photo P1380104.jpg

 photo P1380106.jpg
Got their Singaporean chef to cook up something Asian for us and the table beside ours. Lol.

The table beside ours was a family of Singaporeans too! Became quite friendly with each other and saw each other at the Card Room often.

Everytime I go onboard, I get so aspired by the energy of crew members. Always happy! Out of curiosity, I checked out the nationality of the crews.
There were no Singaporeans except a few chefs in the kitchen. Huhhhh.

 photo P1380107.jpg
I love this!
Wasn't surprised by the menu on the first few nights because they seem to repeat from our other cruise.
But this is new! New and I like it! Not that big a portion too.

 photo P1380108.jpg
Had this too. HEHE.

 photo P1380111.jpg
The goodbye show. SOBS.

 photo P1380112.jpg

 photo P1380112 2.jpg
And the next morning. :(

 photo IMG-20150425-WA0000.jpg
Me up and happy.
Also, good hair day. ;)

 photo P1380112 3.jpg

That shot above is a performance they had for us. Awww. Why they so effort one. :')

This is the last stop. For other tour packages, this would mean guests would travel back home by plane.
Lucky us, we got this package that included an extra night in Tokyo, and a simple day tour!

 photo P1380115.jpg
Took this lame 30 minutes cruise around some place.
The person introducing the sites only speaks Japanese la, hello. =.=

 photo P1380127.jpg

 photo P1380118.jpg  photo P1380120.jpg  photo P1380121.jpg

 photo P1380125.jpg

 photo P1380128.jpg
Cute dog playing with its ball.
The body looks like it's bending on a physically impossible state. Lol.

And here, you'll see that Tokyo is not very very far off from Singapore.
And that's what I feel... That Tokyo is similar to Singapore.
Of course, less the culture and the weather. All else, it was quite similar.

 photo P1380129.jpg

 photo P1380130.jpg

 photo P1380133.jpg

 photo P1380132.jpg

 photo P1380135.jpg
More buildings.

 photo P1380137.jpg
Buildings again.

 photo P1380138.jpg
And yeap, buildings.

I like it a lot more in Nagasaki.
Still Japan, but a lot different and nice. It's quite amazing how one country has such a contrast within themselves.

 photo P1380140.jpg
Okay la, there were greens at some point.

 photo P1380142.jpg

 photo P1380146.jpg
Plain, but very delicious lunch.
Shabu shabu.

 photo P1380150.jpg

Tripod shots again.
I don't care if people look at us when we take these pictures man. Lol.
Easier to take a quick few shots then to shyly look for someone to take it for us.
Also risk that the person might end up taking a not so nice shot.
The only trouble is carrying the tripod around, really.

 photo P1380151.jpg

 photo P1380155.jpg

 photo P1380156.jpg

 photo P1380157.jpg
Rainbow bridge and liberty statue.

 photo P1380167.jpg

 photo P1380169.jpg

 photo P1380171.jpg
Tokyo Tower

 photo P1380172.jpg
Next, a famous temple.
Cannot remember what it's called and too lazy to research up on it.

That's my tour guide walking, by the way.
A pretty cute Australian guy. LOL. He asked quite a bit about Singapore but none of us really answered him. Lol.

 photo P1380173.jpg
Temples are temples, isn't it?

 photo P1380174.jpg

 photo P1380175.jpg

 photo P1380177.jpg

 photo P1380184.jpg
Place filled with tourists.

 photo P1380180.jpg  photo P1380181.jpg

 photo P1380182.jpg

 photo P1380185.jpg

Nothing special about these ice cream burger.
It's like our.... ice cream vendors. Those that sells those biscuit ones?
For $1 those kind? Yeah, similar to those. Though better tasting ice cream for this.

 photo P1380186.jpg

After checking out the temple, we quickly walked to the shopping area.
Managed to only cover half of it. :(

 photo P1380192.jpg

 photo P1380187.jpg
Quick snap on the way back to meeting point.

 photo P1380188.jpg
These are not grapes!
So cool.
Some kind of weird plant. Lol.
But so pretty.

 photo P1380189.jpg

 photo P1380190.jpg
Us and our tour guide!
He's not photogenic. Don't judge my taste.

Anyway, it's interesting isn't it? An Australian being a tour guide in Japan.
He has a lot of knowledge about Japan. Also gave us a different opinion about things.
Shared many funny fun facts too.

Ah. Random, but one thing I dislike about tours is the waiting....... We had to wait so much for people to come back.
It was frustrating because they couldn't keep up with the time when we already have a tight schedule.
Unfortunately, when we were at our last stop, we end up being the latest.
A good reason for that is, our dad went missing. -.- I don't know how we lost him, really.

My lesson from the day, don't complain about other people or you may end up being the cause.

 photo P1380198.jpg
Our last stop before dinner.

 photo P1380197.jpg

 photo P1380196.jpg
The place (I cannot remember where again), sold a great variety of stuffs!
Clothes, shoes (mostly), food!

 photo P1380203.jpg
Dinner place.
Not very good. It was disappointing.

 photo P1380199.jpg

 photo P1380200.jpg

 photo P1380202.jpg

 photo P1380205.jpg
Random shot of the street.
Looks like a place Singapore would have too, right?

 photo P1380206.jpg
This Big Echo thing is indeed Big. Keep seeing it around Tokyo. Lol.

So, we were done early with dinner and went out roaming.
Found this restaurant that did ordering via a vending machine.

 photo P1380208.jpg

 photo P1380209.jpg
A warm bowl of delicious udon shared by 6 of us.
This is a lot tastier than our free dinner. And this wasn't even expensive!

I wanna explore Japan moarrrr please....

 photo P1380210.jpg

 photo P1380212.jpg
Our hotel!

 photo P1380213.jpg
Our many luggages. Lol. Bought so much.

 photo P1380214.jpg
Our room!

 photo P1380215.jpg

 photo P1380216.jpg
The night view from our balcony.

We got back rather early... At 8pm. According to our tour guide, all tour buses have to head back to their headquarters at 8pm.
I cannot remember why though. Such an interesting rule.
Good though, gave us a chance to head out somewhere else.

So, we quickly washed up and went out!!!

 photo P1380218.jpg
Went to Shinjuku!

Checked out their famous Shibuya Crossing.
It was really quite interesting. Everyone just walked... You won't bump into someone else but it looks so messy just walking.
A good kind of mess. Haha. No pictures though... I didn't have a good view from anywhere above to take a shot.
And it was too late and dark.

We checked out some of their malls and headed back shortly.
And when we were going back, the train was stuck for a whole....... 10-15 minutes.
It was quite ironic, because just that day, our tour guide was telling us how impressive Japan train services are.. That the average train delays last for a few seconds. -.- How lucky were we to experience something that was definitely off his brag... :/ The train is very packed though. Like something we'll experience here. Except, we couldn't understand anything the train attendant was announcing. Lol.

 photo P1380220.jpg
On the way, we found this! SO COOL.
I felt proud when I saw this. LOL.

 photo P1380222.jpg
Cute things I buy in Japan. :X

 photo P1380221.jpg
New sweater over my dress because it was cold that night. Kek.
These kindda things can only be done in cold countries. I like.

Anyway, what else we did in Shinjuku was shop.
The rest of them had a good time in Uniqlo.

 photo P1380225.jpg

We had a bit of time to spare, so we went to this mall nearby to shop.

 photo P1380227.jpg
Sweet Potato.

In this supermarket, we also bought a lot of souvenirs back.

 photo IMG-20150426-WA0000.jpg
Got this very very very very very nice crepe cake too.
Wanted to share it there but the cafe had this rule that everyone needs to order something. -.-
We sat down, heard about this stupid rule and left. The cafe was empty lo!
But anyway, I forgive them because this is the BEST CREPE CAKE I've ever had. BEST.
Cream so light, fruits so sweet.

 photo P1380228.jpg
Waiting time with Wi-Fi? Use phone. Lol.

 photo P1380233.jpg

 photo 20150426_140034.jpg
Last meal at the airport before departure.

 photo P1380234.jpg

Imagine! I didn't complete this entry on the day itself. Took me a bloody few days. TSK.

 photo P1380231.jpg  photo P1380232.jpg

 photo 20150415_120931.jpg
Ah! Before I proceed to end this entry, here's us with Sugar before we begin our adventure. ;)
We were definitely not the only on vacation!

 photo IMG-20150415-WA0002.jpg
Brought Sugar to her favourite boarding house. ^^
(Yes, she has a favourite and this is a lot less expensive. Heh.)

 photo IMG-20150421-WA0010.jpg

 photo IMG-20150421-WA0009.jpg
So cuteeeeeeeeeee! :D

 photo P1370926.jpg
Despite that face. Lol.

 photo P1370578.jpg

 photo P1370497.jpg

 photo P1380149.jpg

 photo P1370976.jpg

 photo P1370809.jpg


After this long vacation, I am actually not experiencing any withdrawal. Instead, I am feeling quite excited to head back to work... A little unbelievable, isn't it? Lol. Because, it was an extremely satisfying break.... I was very happy...

Besides, working would mean I'll be refueling my wallet for my next trip!!!! :D

Next trip. Which is likely to be with my girlfriends. Which is likely going to be Phuket. Which is likely going to happen in July. SO EXCITED ALREADY!! Muahahahaha! /eatgrassnow.

After this cruise vacation, I HAVE COMPLETED 1/2 OF MY RESOLUTION THIS YEAR! Which is to go on 4 trips in 2015. Which is one every quarter. Which is very likely happening, pending the last one (anyone wanna travel in October??). xD

Okay, I am exhausted.


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