Thursday, April 30, 2015

April's Snapshots!

 photo 20150409_113640.jpg
Staring at the sky and watching the clouds flood by is surprisingly very therapeutic.

 photo 20150406_202502.jpg
Korean BBQ!!! :D

 photo IMG_20150406_205909.jpg
Love this simple bingsu. hehe.

 photo IMG_20150406_205919.jpg  photo IMG_20150406_205915.jpg

 photo IMG-20150405-WA0020.jpg
An evidence of how hard I work. Lol.
This was when the printer was playing punk. Threw it away. Pfft.

 photo 20150409_123719.jpg
Ice cream on a hot hot work day! :D

 photo IMG-20150401-WA0004.jpg
I look nice here. HAHAHA.

 photo IMG-20150405-WA0002.jpg
Loveeee this hair color. My hair feel so smooth now! Lol.

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