Friday, March 06, 2015

Pinks Roses

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I'm not really the kind of girl who'll get all excited and jumpy from receiving flowers, but I got a really pleasant surprise from a nice friend today halfway through work! :) We were suppose to meet, but Karena finally had some free time for dinner, so I chose to be a bitch and rescheduled this date. Because of the change of plans, this 梅花 decided to deliver the bouquet of flowers SHE ARRANGED to my office instead. So freaking touched. I cannot!

Of course, I felt even more horrible than I already was from rescheduling our date. ><

Nevertheless, this bouquet of flowers is the highlight of my 24th birthday! Because it's just... such a sweet gesture?! This is in fact, probably, my first time receiving flowers! Albeit from a girl, it's still felt really good? Lol. Especially since it was self-arranged?!

Got a shock when our security guard on duty called me up and told me to pick something from the guardhouse. I was definitely not expecting any parcels because I wasn't told I should be getting something...... When I arrive at the entrance, I saw the delivery guy with a bouquet of flowers! Couldn't believe my eyes at first and then I felt all...... weird inside. HAHAHA! Like "woah woah woah who the hell...."

It was a good kind of weird though. Fuzzy and weird. Hahahaha.

Thereafter, I was feeling all kinds of happy. Excitedly. Fuzzy. Teary. All kinds of happy!

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I am so freaking blessed this life.
Thank you for the roses, 梅花. Loveyou!

Thank you, for all these wonderful people in my life who goes the extra mile just for me.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! ♥

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