Friday, February 06, 2015

A Driving Duck

Yesterday was a Thursday. A workday. But it was a good day. A good good day. :D

Despite work being the usual, I had a wonderful wonderful lunch with 2 of my many favourite people in life. :D And it was the first lunch meetup with friends since I've started working 6 months ago.

Most importantly, YANLING DROVE!!!

 photo 20150205_133123_zpsbuxywopp.jpg
Quickly snap a picture while she was focused on the road. HEHE.

I was really happy! To finally have lunch with friends for once (not that my colleagues are not fun lunch companions, but it's always a lot more fun with people you've known almost forever!) Also the chance to show them the surrounding of my workplace (though it's nothing much la)

Had lunch nearby at Seletar Mall. Bought them lunch since they had to spare sometime, drive to my office, have lunch with me and then drive me back. HEHE. Haven't been this happy on a workday since a long time.

Anyway, more pictures!

 photo 20150205_122247_zpstsfdyhbm.jpg

 photo IMG-20150205-WA0003_zpsvxenieth.jpg
Lunch @ Shokudo X

 photo 20150205_133213_zpseamp2htf.jpg
Driving back to work. :)

 photo 20150205_133215_zpsbecyh8ds.jpg

 photo 20150205_133218_zps8anocvgb.jpg

 photo IMG-20150205-WA0016_zpsgcxnfaxn.jpg
&Here's me after my first Yoga session. :D

Finally signed up with Amore X after many attempts in the past few years. It's amazing how the same sales person have attended to us a few times back then when Zylia and I asked, and finally clench this deal with me this year. Lol. Was a coincidence because Haniza went ahead first.

I am so happy to finally be doing this! And I'm more delighted to be doing it with Haniza. MEANS MORE MEETUPS! :D

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