Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Beer On A Tuesday


Didn't 2015 just begun?! Lol.

Met up with Zylia earlier today for a nice dinner....... and had some beer! It just happened, on this fine fine Tuesday.

Had dinner at The Assembly Ground.

 photo P1360663_zpsx5zlhd8t.jpg
Nice ambiance

 photo P1360667_zpsap4nrlcc.jpg
Pretty good food!

I'm liking all these choices Zylia has made.. I hope we'll continue to heed her advice so we won't have any bad meals! Lol. She's always complaining how the places I suggest serve mediocre food. TSK.

 photo IMG-20150203-WA0003_zpst5u2g9qz.jpg
Finished 1.5 pints because this crazy Zylia got sick of hers halfway. Walao....
I need to not crave for beers!

GOODNIGHT! Work tomorrow.


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