Sunday, January 04, 2015

Family Sunday

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HIIII!! It has been a good day!

The family had a wonderful evening together at East Coast Park. Brought Sugar for a nice beach walk far away from the sea (lol she's afraid of the waves), and had a delicious dinner at Red House X.

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Sugar's all excited!

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Dad and his stylo milo hair~
Credits to the wind. It was really cooling this evening.

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Even though Sugar's terrifed of the loud waves, the both of us brought her down anyway.
No matter how we try to calm her and slowly approach the sea, she's still extremely scared. Lol.
I enjoyed the short time walking on the sand and getting my feet wet with the sea water.

Listening to the waves soothes my mood. It feels good to be lazy in such a place.
Then again, I'm always lazy and it's always good. Lol.

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Sugar quickly escaped from both of us to seek protection from the lovebirds. Lol.

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Quality time over dinner. LOL.
This is somewhat how it's like most of the time during dinner.
It's mostly my mother who'll use her mobile though. It's extremely annoying!

The family has enough family time together so these occasional head down moments are alright I guess? lol.

Okay. Typing nonsense now.

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