Saturday, January 03, 2015

A Good Chat.

2015 has begun. The adulthood journey has officially started on a hardcore mode. No more schooling (not yet), but just work work and work.

It was a Friday a day ago. 2nd day of 2015 and there was work. Major bummer. People should convert these one-day work gaps to a holiday too... We don't get enough breaks in life. Lol.

Anyway! I like year end period. The weather was much bearable and rather cooling for months (bring all ma knitwear out!) and there were hardly anyone in the office; which means less stress with less work. :X

Work is starting back all over again on Monday though. LETS ALL FIGHT ON!

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Although there was work yesterday, the week ended great! Chiulee came over for some dinner (she had to OT so I ate first and watch her eat later lol), and we had a really really good chat. Hearty talks! I love heart to heart talks. Especially when I'm not just the one talking (which is pretty much the case sometimes lol).

One thing I forgot to mention in my year end reflection entry, was how grateful I am with the many takeaways I had from 2014. One of which was gaining another true friend in my life, Chiulee.

I am extremely honored to be so very trusted by this woman here. Telling me everything and sharing with me even the most intimate stuffs. :)

The night ended with a fuzzy feeling in me.

Our chat was really long... If not for the last buses, I believe we would have continued till this morning. Hahaha.

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