Thursday, December 25, 2014


🎶 Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la la la la la 🎶


Christmas was good. :) Spent the afternoon with my family before they go off to enjoy a night at G.Spa, while I head home for a small celebration with friends from lower secondary school!!! We settled the venue at my place because I was lazy to go out, and we've never had a potluck dinner before. It was a good choice because I didn't have to rush home for work tomorrow (bummer), and we could all comfortably stuff ourselves with plenty of food. Lol. Everyone was too generous and brought too much food!!

 photo P1360195_zpsmecvqteo.jpg
Us tonight, with a small addition to the group!
Zhi Xiong's baby! Super cute.

 photo P1360189_zpsdzfnqbux.jpg
Gift exchange was simple. Prepared generic gifts and picked our gifts through draws. The budget was $20!

 photo P1360241_zps7rwgsbyf.jpg
It was a very enjoyable night together thanks to Bing Cheng who organised it. :)
We've known each other for 10 years now, it's pretty crazy. 13 then and 23 now. :O

Side track a little to my afternoon!

 photo 20141225_153817_zpsgeyomaec.jpg
Here's how I spent my afternoon with the mother and sister.
Them staring at their phones while I watch them.... stare at their phones. Lol.
Not through the noon but pretty much half the time! >:(

 photo 20141225_152439_zpswvfwszwi.jpg
Here's us enjoying some drinks at Dean & Deluca after a heavy brunch with the grandmother and relatives from KL. Lol.
We had a really good buffet brunch at Orchard Central's Tung Lok Seafood. Fresh sashimi and everything else was delicious! Could have spammed their red bean soup dessert if I wasn't that stuffed.

&Baaaaaaack to the celebration~

 photo P1360182_zpsueujqine.jpg
Pizza from gourmetpizzatogo X again!
Just the pizza was good enough, but look at the sides behind!!!

 photo P1360183_zpsjgpttg76.jpg
One of us brought BBQ-ed chicken wings! Delicious!!!
There was also pork knuckle and steamed fish!
Talk about fusion! Everything we had was such a mismatch. Hahaha.

Everyone came at different times so we just started without waiting. Some were damn late, tsk!

Caught up over dinner while waiting for everyone to arrive and finish as much food as we can. There was quite a bit of leftover. lol. Such a waste. Most of them brought the food home though.

 photo P1360187_zpsqnoa5omr.jpg
All our gifts gathered! Very obvious which shopping mall was popular among us. hahaha.

 photo P1360194_zpsqn1ssvhz.jpg
ps: Baby was not up for exchange. xD

 photo P1360198_zpsnlnresps.jpg
Gift exchange time!
Sugar looking oh-so-happy~

 photo P1360199_zpszabn2ifi.jpg  photo P1360202_zpsunrgrpjg.jpg
I got his gift and he got my gift.
I was really relieved to know that Dickson got my gift!

 photo P1360216_zpsujnkefnm.jpg
I got a pretty lame diver lamp to put beside laptops. LOL.
Chose this gift because it looks really cute?! Dickson is most appropriate to receive this, being a diver once himself! hahahah.

 photo P1360203_zps08qwjkf9.jpg

 photo P1360205_zpsqwypfvi9.jpg

 photo P1360206_zps1q8vg3ow.jpg

 photo P1360207_zpsna4b98s3.jpg

 photo P1360208_zpsixcvoixr.jpg  photo P1360210_zpsw51mtfus.jpg
They got her gift and she got their gift!

 photo P1360211_zpsczf9pso9.jpg

 photo P1360221_zpsnf8idgbb.jpg
Gift Opening Time!
It's surprising how Sugar's all smiley tonight infront of the camera!

 photo P1360218_zpszeq0qjhs.jpg

 photo P1360224_zpsmdck5wjy.jpg

 photo P1360227_zpszblkruuj.jpg

 photo P1360229_zpsodl7p07n.jpg

 photo P1360230_zpspdxc4kjp.jpg

 photo P1360232_zpsfdfg7p5e.jpg

 photo P1360236_zpsn48fzpxf.jpg

 photo P1360239_zpsgyjkdczt.jpg
All the gifts!
I don't like gifting chocolates. :X I hope someone bans it for next year's gift exchange. Lol.
It's the easiest gift to prepare.....................................

Fine, I shall not be a bitch because it's still a gift and it's the thought that counts. :)

 photo P1360237_zpsby8naj67.jpg
And the mess we made; tearing wrappers up and all.

 photo P1360244_zpsf29ewcjd.jpg
Someone got a logcake too!!!!!
This year is the first time I'm eating one. Always getting these pretty cakes to take pictures, but have never eaten one.
Not that it's any special..... Just...... :/

After dinner, gift exchange, gift opening and what now, we cleaned up and settled down in the living room to watch random Youtube videos. LOL!

 photo P1360243_zpspfd7puxi.jpg
Happy people, crying baby. ^^

 photo P1360242_zpsa5fhlghn.jpg
Favourite picture tonight because.... JUST LOOK AT THE BABY!
So cute even when she's crying. hahahaha. :X

Okay. There's work tomorrow (major bummer), so I better head to bed right now!!!!!! I need all the energy to work half the day tomorrow and head out to CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS AGAIN!!! :) I am dreading and feeling excited for tomorrow. Lol.


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