Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cook & Brew

It feels as though I've only been blogging about birthday celebrations these days. But really, there seem to be so so so many birthdays to celebrate!? Lol. Birthdays are nice though. And celebrations are special no matter how simple it may be.

So..... Birthday.

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Last night, the clique met up for a few hours to celebrate Soohou's 23rd birthday. :)
Just the few of us because Karena's busy again and Jolene's still not in town (Korea this time and for two weeks, shiok max!) Well, too bad for these two again, because we had a pleasant time together and a wonderful meal. :p

 photo P1350166_zps7a34f2b9.jpg
Dinner was at a really nice place: Cook & Brew (hungrygowhere page) @ The Westin Singapore

 photo P1350173_zps5dfacf04.jpg
I liked the place. Very much.
I liked how sparse the place is designed.
Each table is located quite away from one another. We won't be eavesdropping at other tables' conversation and could just chat comfortably among ourselves.

With the restaurant located so high up and so near Marina Bay Floating Platform, we could see fireworks displaying from the National Day Parade going on nearby~ Only a rehearsal, but the fireworks were still very pretty! Pity we were slightly late, and the building infront blocked half the fireworks. Still, we had a good time together. Fireworks were just the cherry on top of the cake.

 photo P1350171_zpsb79a65d3.jpg
Birthday Boy!
We celebrated his birthday a day belated.
And this entry is blogged two days after his birthday. :3

 photo P1350170_zps98ac5db4.jpg
The serious, the stern and the smirking.

 photo P1350168_zps890386fb.jpg

Now now, foooooood pictures!!

 photo P1350189_zps156c092b.jpg

 photo P1350194_zps4c550fe3.jpg

 photo P1350196_zpsa6488cb9.jpg
My Fish & Chips.
Soohou mentioned it's nice. But I didn't really like it.
The batter was thick for me and I got quite sick of it. BUT! The fish was pretty tender and really soft inside.

 photo P1350197_zps56eedd98.jpg
Weishan & Gary's Steak and Egg.
Nothing special. shrug And the steak was dry.

 photo P1350209_zpsc8f90d42.jpg
Farmers' Omelete?
Samuel said it was very salty. Doubt he finished it.

 photo P1350210_zps058775f2.jpg

 photo P1350215_zpsd2a1814a.jpg

 photo P1350218_zps225df4b2.jpg

 photo P1350230_zps18120ad1.jpg

 photo P1350172_zps0471dfab.jpg

 photo P1350183_zps14ef990c.jpg
Group shots before dinner~
The restaurant's lighting it terrible for photo taking.

 photo P1350190_zpsa51dd864.jpg

 photo P1350200_zps8480a261.jpg

 photo P1350220_zps30e360fd.jpg
A surprise for Soohou!
Tiramisu for his birthday cake! :D

 photo P1350221_zps7c7ef34e.jpg

 photo P1350222_zpsd54782a2.jpg
It taste quite nice!

 photo P1350224_zps34bb640d.jpg

 photo P1350226_zps6b8982e1.jpg

 photo P1350227_zpsef2f2350.jpg

After dinner, we contemplated for quite a while. Couldn't decide where to go and what to do. But there were quiet a few of us who had to head home early to rest or for other commitments. In the end, we went around to take pictures and explore the hotel before heading back home.

 photo P1350231_zps7dff934c.jpg  photo P1350232_zps65f37ba3.jpg
Model wannabe xD

 photo P1350234_zps3dcd903c.jpg

 photo P1350236_zpsa008cad5.jpg  photo P1350237_zps2d63d99d.jpg

 photo P1350239_zps41acdd67.jpg  photo P1350240_zps10ad2304.jpg  photo P1350241_zpsf30613ad.jpg

 photo P1350238_zps0efd4ee1.jpg  photo P1350242_zps48894164.jpg

 photo P1350245_zpsfa5e9b7e.jpg

 photo P1350246_zpsbc053997.jpg

After these shots, Gary adjusted the camera and totally cut Lance off. LOL.

 photo P1350247_zps769da137.jpg

 photo P1350248_zps69abccda.jpg

 photo P1350249_zpsdac41790.jpg

 photo P1350251_zpsee148151.jpg
A kind soul volunteered to take a picture for us!
We were using the nearby dustbin as our tripod. xD

 photo P1350252_zps00b7ae5e.jpg
Me and my short hands only capturing us few. LOL.

 photo P1350254_zpsa937f56c.jpg
Pretty girls of the night.
Weishan and Chiulee.

 photo P1350257_zps99d80c4a.jpg
Last few shots!

 photo P1350259_zps805f1dfd.jpg

 photo P1350260_zps40ef684b.jpg

 photo P1350264_zps5a2195e7.jpg

 photo P1350265_zpse13159f6.jpg

 photo P1350250_zps88589003.jpg
Favourite shots!

 photo P1350244_zps0e3e3b6b.jpg

 photo P1350262_zps41172707.jpg

 photo P1350266_zps939fae9b.jpg

 photo P1350258_zps4962537a.jpg

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