Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Durian Frenzy.


&So, I've decided to blog about the family's Durian Frenzy last week. Lol.

It's something worth blogging because it's been a long long long loooooooooong time since the family last had Durian. And also, we've actually never went crazy about Durians before!!! Until last week. Kekekeke.

In just a week, the family had Durian THREE TIMES!!!

Record breaker. Lol.


 photo 20140714_184924_zps5ea8ac26.jpg
Our first Durian in the week!
We had two of these! HEHE.

It was good.

 photo 20140716_210539_zps11a9a54c.jpg
Our second in the week!
My mother went to Kovan to get these after 8pm because she was told they'll have special sale after 8pm.
LOLOL! To think the one who always objects buying Durian has actually went out to buy them.

 photo 20140720_160327_zps5cc1ff46.jpg
&These four more boxes on Sunday.
Also the four that finally gave me a sorethroat. LOL!!!
I've been sick since then. Bad throat, cough and flu. Boooo. But it's worth it. HEHE.

 photo 20140720_160346_zps205fb137.jpg
It was such a great moment, I had to take a second shot. LMAO.

Also have to mention how my sister and I have fallen in love with mangosteens! Having a little too many everyday. But it's so so so nice! Especially when it's chilled. Taste like icecream. Hahahah. LOVE THESE SEASONAL FRUITS!!! ♥

Okay. Boredom -end-.

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