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We're All 22 Now!!! xD

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When our baby turns 22, the entire clique officially becomes 22!!!!

I know, what kindda nonsense is that.
I'm turning 23 in less than six months. LOL.

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The clique's baby turns 22 today.

But, we celebrated her birthday last night; a day in advanced to spend the remains of her 21st together and celebrate the second she turn 22. HEHE.

As usual, Karena always research on nice places we've never been to (together) for a good meal and a good time! ^^ The places she chose so far always has good lighting to take pictures and camwhore with. xD It was a simple yet really fun night together with the clique. It's been a really really long time since we had the full strength out together.... In fact, I don't even know if we have ever had all 10 of us together! :/

But ahhh... I can't wait for Christmas chalet now!!!!! HEHEHE. I'm forever hyped up for something that's going to happen in the future. xD That's what makes me look forward to living my everyday! :3

Oops. Digressed. xD

Back. Back.

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The weird birthday girl with 4 headgears on. Lol.

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Dinner was at a really nice place - 49 Seats.

I enjoyed my Sirloin Steak and really liked their Tom Yam Pasta. But, I would really like to try their Fish & Chips someday! Weishan almost ordered it but I suggested their Smoked Duck Pasta instead. It was good too! But no one else had their Fish & Chips so we didn't get to try and this Weishan is forever getting sick of her pasta halfway through. LOL.

 photo P1140119_zps5e138275.jpg
Really like the design of the restaurant.
Check out their staff snapping a picture of their shop in the corner too! lol.

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 photo P1140125_zps60110975.jpg

 photo P1140127_zps250f9d0a.jpg

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This crazy Weishan suddenly slot in my camera lens cap and made me a pirate. Lol.

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Having meals with these two is DREADFUL!!!!
Forever taking ages to take shots for their instagram.

 photo P1140130_zps44e46f47.jpg
Everyone waiting for their fooooooooooooood.

 photo P1140132_zpse4bebabd.jpg

And after going around taking pictures, the two instagrammers ARE STILL AT IT!!!!

 photo P1140133_zps2fb9e200.jpg

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&Here's when our food arrived and became victimized.
My delicious Sirloin Steak become the background to their food shots. :O Insult.

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Seriously, by the time they were done, everyone else started eating and our food became chilled. >:(

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Just like last year, brownie + ice cream as her birthday cake!
I quite like this brownie. It's very hard. lol.
And Weishan say it tastes like those you bake from mix you can get from supermarkets.

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Her nose blowing off the candle. LOL.

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Took plenty of group shots because there were shots that someone gets cut off else the angle was just awkward.
We didn't ask for help to take these pictures and used self-timer instead.
We wanted the backdrop thus the angle where no one can actually help take the picture. LOL.
In the end, our shots didn't have much of the backdrop. Zzz

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Karena cheated because she was the only one wearing wedges!!!
But hey, my hair looks nice here. xD

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Found a brick wall opposite the restaurant and continued to camwhore. HEHZ.

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Bachelor of the year~

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We later continued the night at Ice Edge Cafe.
Chiu Lee and Lance left early. Lance came back again later though.

Had awesome waffles and dessert to end the night on a sweet note.
But, the night just got sweeter!!!

Chee Fai came by to give Karena a surprise with his self-baked cake!

But she wasn't really surprised because she thought we got the staff to do it. Zz

 photo P1140236_zps977aff39.jpg

 photo P1140238_zps86e2bd8e.jpg

 photo P1140239_zps22ade094.jpg
Joke of the night was this cake!

Chee Fai was really bummed that his cake didn't turn out the way he wanted to.
Gary Weishan Soohou and I were comforting him about the cake and when this topic was closed, Kesslyn had to ask "Is this a Yogurt Cake?" LOL. After explaining to Kesslyn to not describe it that way because we were just comforting him, Jolene said "Why the top part so watery?" LOLOL.

Seriously, we were all seated together but it seem like the other half of the table was in their own world. Lol.

The cake turns out to taste really good! Really.
With the watery top part, it had the texture somewhat like a mud-pie.

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 photo P1140241_zps6393b445.jpg

 photo P1140243_zpsa5f2ffef.jpg
Pinching her nose to prevent the same nose-blow-out-candle incident again. lol.

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 photo P1140248_zpse98e58ef.jpg

The night ended really nicely with us playing charades together and then taking the public transport back home. ^^
It was a celebration without car which was nice after a while. :3
Oh. Only Lance drove. Chiu Lee Jolene and Kesslyn got rides back home.

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♥you forever!

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Favourite shots! :D
In this, Gary's monkey face. I never thought his head could look any bigger. XD

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 photo P1140214_zps56373d4c.jpg

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