Monday, April 22, 2013


I want to stay positive.

But everything today is just.................................................................


D. D. D.

So many Ds.

Even my seat number today starts with a 'D'. Is it telling me I'm gonna get a D grade? Well, it sure won't be a distinction~

I think my exhausion is getting into my head. Highly suspect I didn't sleep at all last night.

My mind was on a roll.

Rock & Roll.

It was repeating terms I memorised, playing random scenes (I now can't recall) and just keeping itself awake while I try my best to sleep; shutting my eyes tight.

The last time I saw the time was five minutes past 2.

I thought I'll fall asleep if I don't open my eyes at all. Like it will magically trick my mind that I'm asleep. :/

Apparently, it didn't work.

My first case of insomnia?

Sure hope it's the first and the last.

It was horrible.

It was so terrible to the extent that I end up chanting to tire my mind.

Worked though. I think.

Just not for long......... I remember suddenly waking up again and continue chanting.

I even remember "seeing" my exam paper. Didn't have the strength to take a snapshot though. Lol.

Maybe, it was all just a dream.
Maybe, I was just dreaming that I was awake.

What a D day.


Gotta snap out of it right after I click "publish" and get started on the second paper. No time to waste!