Thursday, October 04, 2012

Just Random.

HIHIHI!!! ^^ I've been having the mood to blog again~ :3
ps: That's because I'm suppose to be studying right now. lmao.

Yesterday was the last lesson of my first semester in RMIT................... Next up, exams!!!!!! :(
Despite being less than a month away from my first paper, I'm five days away from my 5-day HongKong trip with the family. >< Happy and excited yet worried and stressed at the same time!!! There's so much to study. T^T 
By right, many others would have started revision early; knowing that they'll be out of town for a week. 
But, procrastination is what I do best. <i>sigh~</i>
The past few weeks have been nothing but fun and rest for me. >< I told Weishan that I would start on a subject today...... It's 4:15pm and I've yet to even flip open any book. LOL.
But but! I've promised myself to commit at least 3 hours today. Later today............... Late start is better than no start, right? :)
Can't wait for dinner later with Jasmine! &tomorrow with Zylia! <3

Here's just a quick update about the first half of my week! ^^
Taken on Monday


We met up to bring Yaping for some eyelash extension. But because she was going to Wild Wild Wet the next day, we had to drop the idea and only went for consultation~~ Thereafter, we headed down for a really stuffing Ah Loy Thai food. hehehe.
Took these pictures just to tempt Jolene who couldn't join us!
After lunch, we walked around Bugis Street............... I still don't really like that place. It was a weekday and yet there was still a crowd!!!!! Later, we headed down to City Plaza for some shopping!!! The weather was such a killer that day. T^T If we were ice, we could have melted by the third second being out in the sun!!!! And because the weather was so hot, and we couldn't decide where to go next, I suggested to go for a swim!!!

Love impromptu plans. I've been planning a swimming trip with Weishan since the longest time ever! But, it never happens. Lol. 
On the way back!

This cute girl. Notice how her eye has a patch with different skin tone?

It wasn't even sunny by the time we got into the water. lol. Was a rather good swim for me, though I did much lesser laps than usual. :( These girls were hilarious though! When I was swimming back, they suddenly submerge into the water and did Psy's "Gangnam Style" horse dance!!! I literally burst out laughing IN THE WATER. hahahahha. 

Missed Jolene Teo Jinjia~ 
Change is the only constant in life.
I don't know how long our friendship would go but I want to enjoy every second with them and cherish the three of them for the longest time possible. :)

Saturday was a rather emotional day for me...... Someone once told me that the one big hinderance in my life is friendship. I admit; there are many times where I go back and forth trying to figure something out. Especially when firguring if something is worthy my pain and effort. I have no idea if it was the hangover or just another one-of-those times......... But, I was feeling a lot of pain. A lot ache in my heart. Then, I've decided that there's no point holding on to something that no longer makes me happy. I cannot recall since when but ever since, it has been more frustrating than happy......................... It was also then when I realize I couldn't go to anyone to talk about it... Maybe, I just didn't wanna bother another with this trival issue I constantly have. Tried to talk about it though..... Felt disappointed and even more frustrated in the end. lol.

I guess, I just needed time to calm down before talking about it~ I'm glad Weishan asked me about it on Monday.... At least there was still a shoulder I could cry one. :) I was also really glad that she felt the same disappointment and frustration about the latter issue. At least, I know it wasn't just me. Of course, there are people who showed concern too! ♥Geuinely thankful..