Wednesday, May 23, 2012

There’s No Right or Wrong.

Was just texting bestfriend about University choices when suddenly, a thought struck me.

"The choice I've made, the path I've chosen, is it the right one?"

I'm having second thoughts about my decision. Not because it isn't what I want. But the fact that I have to move on from my comfort zone and adapt a new change is somewhat dreadful. Somewhat And since I’ve been enjoying the freedom of spending my own money, I can’t believe I’m gonna lose my income. &With no bloody savings at all. Screw myself.

When I got my enrolment letter, the first thought that hit me was "Should I reapply for part-time instead?" No wait, that was actually after "WTF start school so fast?!" So technically, that was my second thought after reading the letter.

(Okay fine, WTF wasn't in my thoughts, I just wanted to emphasize on how shock I was when I saw the first date of school. :O)

It’s dumb to not have opted for part-time; since my resume would be so much nicer with a degree certificate and working experience for more than a year. But then again, I have no confidence I will do well being a part-time student. I’m such a lazy ass, even I can’t stand myself! I considered the fact that I’ll feel tired after work and probably just skip lessons (what’s the point right?!) and also the cruel reality of losing more than half of my social life. Just see how I went almost bonkers during the weekends~~~

Another consideration was how much I see no point in rushing through things in my life. What’s the point of being so hardworking and tired when I don’t even know if I can survive a day? I might just meet with a horrible accident tomorrow and die on the spot, so treasure my existence today!

I’m gonna spend the rest of my life working anyway. So why bother starting on this mundane life so fast? I rather die smiling than with regrets. Even if I’m gonna live a period of my life being broke.
Not that I don’t want to be loaded, live lavishly since young and retire early in the future. It’s just…. I’m content with how wealthy I am already; I don’t need to be rich. Too much money attracts problems anyway. Honestly, I actually believe that the more money one has, the more problems they will face. Just be average; not too rich, not too poor. Thank god, materialism isn’t in me.

After asking myself “The choice I've made, the path I've chosen, is it the right one?” another random thought hit me.

I believe that no matter what route I take; it’s the journey I’m destined to experience. Whether or not it’s a good choice or a stupid one, there’s definitely a reason why I chose it anyway. But of course, I won’t know how it’ll affect me in the future just yet. I just gotta make sure I make the best out of this last schooling phase and excel in my future careers.

My goal in life remains the same.

For now, I will go back to my donkey to find the right horse in my race.

The decisions we make the paths we choose; There’s no right or wrong.