Sunday, April 08, 2012


So, the looong weekend is going to end in almost exactly 4 hours. I'm not usually like these but I've been feeling rather... bored and sick of working. SIGH. Weekends, Y U SO SHORT!!! On Friday, I wondered how wonderful the world and lives(lol!) would be if weekends are naturally 3-days long instead of just 2~ But I guess, if it really becomes 3-days, the 4- day work will become too tiring for people, again, and people would want longer weekends? *shrug*

It's been a really good looong weekend; enough rest, enough slack time, enough family time, enough clique time and enough everythinggg!!! But as all good times, they are short-lived. LOL. No idea why I'm being so~~~ meh today. I guess just like Jo, I'm a little bit (maybe more) sick of working now. :/ Maybe it's not working that I'm getting sick of but rather the work that I'm doing? I have no idea... Losing sight in everything and just living the days. Another slump?

At least now I know what I need to look for in future................................

Well, just like good times, this slump time will be short-lived. Just like any other times actually.................. Times, things and feelings. Most things has an expiry date, don't they? :)