Monday, April 09, 2012

Constantly Thinking

I have no idea if it's Pisces' nature or if it's just how I am......

I am constantly thinking about lotsa stuffs.
Every hour.
Every minute.
Every second.
At every one time, there's definitely one thing in my mind. Even when I'm doing something. Be it something serious or something random. Something happy or something sad.

Life just got real. Maybe not yet, but soon enough. I'm starting to have second thoughts about going back to school... Not because I don't want to! (I definitely want to go back. Badly, in fact!) But because I'll be losing income~ And I'm not sure if it's gonna be of any help for the family. :/ I'm actually feeling the burden now. My parents are getting old, I gotta be more financially abled. Especially at times like these.

Then again, if I wait even longer to head back, things might be even worse (the situation and my momentum); though I'll probably have more savings and maybe more deperation to go back~ :/ It's better to quickly get a degree and then get employed and be paid higher right? I should banish the second thoughts!

SIGH. I don't know..... I just can't help but worry.