Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Living and Dying


Us, made so greedy.

We don't give much hoot about taking care of ourselves properly but we want to be sick-free, wanna live a long life~

Or maybe, it's not that we want to live long but that we're afraid to die....... :/

I won't wanna live too long though. :/ In fact, I don't think I'm that afraid to die... I just don't wanna die ugly. LOL!

I was just telling my mum why I don't wanna study Part Time last night! It'll be damn tiring, I'll lose quite a bit of my social life and I have no confidence at all with how well I'll do. I'm freaking lazy and obviously, I wanna do well.
Point is I told her: "What's the point of rushing to complete schooling and be so tired? What if I die early? I would be ending my life on a busy and sad note." LOL! All she said as she smile was "Tsk. You ah..."

Really, if given a choice, I just wanna live as long as my parents. When they pass, I don't mind passing as well. LOL! Okay, that'll be unfair to my future husband. :/ If I were to ever get married, I wanna die before all the elderly illness bring me down. Like.......... 50? But if it's at that age, I definitely cannot have kids. Lol.

Why am I being so random you say?

Because I heard a conversation between two DJs about eating healthy and how one of them doesn't wanna live very long. I thought, I'm just like her!!! Lol. I wanna live my life to the fullest but I don't wanna live too long. Especially when you'll definitely shrink and weaken as you age. >< But of course, I wanna have a healthy body and not fall sick! I rather die than be ill. Like majorly ill.

60 is an ideal age to pass. LOL! Wow, I've 39 years more to live!

Birthday weekend passed with a blast and now I'm back at work with a lot to do. Gaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

Seeing sister off this evening. :(( She's going to Laos for 2 weeks to teach the children there..

I now know why parents aren't really eager to let their kids go for vacations alone (my parents in particular). The thought of my sister going away for 2 weeks............................ Though it'll pass really fast and that she's with her school, it's still kindda worrisome. Definitely better to have your family by your side. Even if it's reality how anything can happen any where~ :/

Anyhowz! It's super cool how she's doing so many things that were once on my "Life's Checklist". She living a fruitful meaningful life while I lead a mundane and almost meaningless one. ><

Alrighty, back to work!
Shoots. This song...... So many memories from the past. ><

Oh ya, I can't wait for Saturday. KEKEK. Not work, but after work. ♥