Sunday, March 04, 2012

Drink, Drank, Ate!

Isn't titled "Drink, drank, drunk" because we did drink, drank and drunk last night, but we didnt drink, drank and drunk till we were.... drunk. In fact, we were nowhere near drunk.....
Making sense?? I might be too drunk to come up with a better title. xD

Trained to town at 8pm last night, and met up with Emily and Guan to get Gong Cha before walking a looong way to Ying Ling's place at Leonie Studio.

I still love their 24th level and its view.

Chilled a little at Ying Ling's place before heading up to their view and started on drinking. Finished a little more than one third of Guan's new Chivas. Loll. Played Guan's drinking game but the girls soon got bored of it.

In the midst of looking for another no-cards-involved drinking game, we had toilet breaks, camwhore-with-gorgeous-nightview-of-Orchard break, ballet-learning breaks and an uncalled for 5-minutes break before having supper. Loll. Soon lost the interest in drinking.

End up just sitting around and chatting for a while more before Emily decides she wants to head home to sleep. Took quite some time to decide whether we should also leave or stay overnight. My mum gave the greenlight to stay though. Lol. Cabbed back home at 4am~

The drinking game Guan brought with herself and her Chivas. Lol.

Guan & Emily~

ps: The lack of focus because I forgot to change the setting to Auto Focus. ><

Ying Ling and I !



Look at Guan's happy face that looks a bit too red for one who's sober. Lol.
That's actually our first cup.

This Emily uh... Keep saying Guan's the dangerous one. Turns out, she was the one that kept asking me to drink. And even made me go with 12seconds! I am officially gonna be away from alcohol for a long long time.

Her and her black sock that made her drink another glass!

Another 12 seconds~~~

&Then, Ying Ling say she didn't get a picture of the liquor pouring down. TT^TT Another 2seconds.
Mad uh these people.


Will you get jelly legs seeing a down view from the 24th level?


Learning some ballet moves!



Before I go on to end this entry, here's a story about how I did the bravest thing in my life two days/three nights to my 21st! LOL! It's naggy, skip if you want. :)

Came home exhausted only to be greeted by a black thing in between our rooms. Switched on the lights and as suspected, a roach was having the time of it's life sleeping. Zz it was overturned and not moving.

Definitely not dead because not long after being exposed to lights, its fillers and legs started to move. I presume it was trying to flip back and run away. Stared at its disgusting moving parts for a few seconds slightly panicking before finally switching off the lights again to trick it back to sleep. lol. WORKED!

I actually stood there staring at that black thing debating within myself ; leave it, pick it up, don't sleep........... until i recall the great invention,,, the Vacuum!!!!

Didn't wanna make a ruckus in the middle of the night (4:30am then), so i took this portable vacuum to try. Doing so, i had to be rather near to that pest. Risky for me because i might just flip that roach and not suck it in, allowing it to escape. To my horror, my fear was necessary.

The portable vacuum was too freaking weak!!!! But thank god. It didn't flip.

End up making a little noise, taking out the big Vacuum, plugging it in, painstaking took out the head, quietly extending the pipe and finally switching on the machine. I had to extend the pipe just in case. Never like being near them AT ALL.
Gotta give myself time to run far away from it if anything happens.

And then!!!! I sucked it into the vacuum bag!!!! Woooohoooo~~~

This loooooong winded explanation may be unnecessary to you but I'm actually kindda proud of myself! Loll. I know it's no big deal but I'm glad i didn't freak out loudly and wake everyone up. Nor did I do my norm; to ignore it's presence............


&Here's an abrupt end to this entry. BYE! ^^