Tuesday, February 14, 2012


First and foremost,



Pictures taken during dinner on Saturday, 11/02/12.


Yes, I'm at work but I'm taking a brief 20 minutes break because I haven't stop working since I started this morning. x.x
Cross-eyed and stiff neck soon. STREEEEEE-SSSSSSSS

Was having a romantic whatsapp conversation with Spousey a.k.a Weishan during lunch when she reminded me about Saturday...................... Which, I didn't blogged about. Truth is, I conveniently forgot we took pictures and wanted to spare you pepole of my long-windedness. Guess not anymore. xD

So,, Saturday~~ Stayed home for chores before cabbing down (bad choice!!!) to Xiuqing's house located at Jurong.

IT COSTED ME $22.55!!!!!!!!!
So much for wanting to save. Zz

Meet time was 1530hrs, I reached her place at 1610hrs but the rest only came at 1730hrs (minus Guan and Weiming who were earlier than me). $@%#$@%$@##@ These people needs spanking! Lol.

Went down all the way to visit Xiuqing who has just underwent a jaw restructure surgery. Her face was seriously super bloated and it looked damn painful. >< I hope she recovers in time for my birthday dinner................... :')

Had a noisy them with them; just random chatting.

And then, Weiming drove me to NEX where I meet my loved ones for our anniversary dinner.

Clique's anniversary is on the 9th of Feburary. I was out of town, the guys were in camp. So, we planned it on a Saturday!!! But in the end, it turned out to be just an ordinary dinner because there were only 5 of us. LE SIGH

Really hope more than just us will be there for the 7th/8th anniversary dinner when the guys finally finish NS. :D

It's been 5 years together!!!!! *throws confetti &dances around with my hands up in the air~~~*
There has been a lot of changes because life happened and all~~ But I'm glad there's still the few of them I can run to, rely on, go crazy with and whatnot. ♥

After dinner, headed down to Lance place. He had to do some NS stuff while the rest of us just chilled being awed by his smartTV. Darn cool please! We watched our past videos and all. FROM THE SMARTTV. Walao, so clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonna find some time and do another one soon. :)

Gosh. We sure had tonnes of fun back then!! All agreed that those childish times were the best and most happiest we've had together. :)

GOSH! I took 23 minutes. ><