Sunday, January 08, 2012

"The Crucible"/"Silenced"

Finally finished a movie I've wanted to watch for the longest time.

I cried.

It's not unbelievable how life's unfair for some.

But not us. The abled ones. The fortunate ones.

No matter how awful things may be for us; how life's really screwed up and all, there are some others who are suffering even more.

So much more.

Help is optional. But, the least we should do is to live our life to the fullest. To appreciate what we have and make do. &Not whine and complain how trivial things make our days bad. Or cry and threaten suicidal over a failed relationship. Or worse still, throw a tantrum when things don't go your way and/or you don't get something you want.

Because, what we have is beyond precious.

The pain we have are pains too. But it's a reality that some are experiencing a pain much more painful. &Even in areas we can never imagine ourselves going through.

Be content.