Thursday, January 05, 2012

I wanna be someone who's.....

...not just anybody.

I wanted to type "cool" but it's usually associated to swag kindda cool. And, I'm a little too half asleep to be able to justify myself properly.


So, why am I being so random again?

Had to bus down to work today because my parents were too tired from watching too much drama last night and couldn't wake up (I hate it when she tells me to go work on my own in the morning itself! I could have snooze an extra minute or two! Tsk.)

ANYWAYS, and so midway through, a few elderly ladies boarded and surrounded me. Literally! With their groceries and all. They are slightly shorter than my actual height (I guess? Because I'm on heels. hurrr.) And then I thought "I'm gonna be just like them in no time." Thoughts in no way negative!

And then, I closed my eyes and told myself

"I wanna be someone who's awesome. I wanna be someone who another can look up to. I wanna be someone whom my parents and even friends can be proud of.

I wanna be not just anyone. I wanna be someone.

All before age catchs up with me."


Am I making sense here? :/

Can't wait for dinner tonight. ^^